BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


I haven’t really seen anything that really helps the huge damage in this game from making rounds swing fast. Only thing that comes close is resonance bringing your red health back, but you’re already down just by not having 2 characters at that point. Without any changes to the game I expect people to complain about the damage until it changes. Especially with the week minus 2 TODs that dont look hard to do at all that will force tag switches that people are already saying can be baited.

Oh well at least i get an anime tag game with real vs functions.


Being put in a combo seems really bad in this game, but at least you have some decent defensive options before getting hit. Pushblock may cost 1 bar, but puts your opponent on the other side of the screen. Two button invincible reversal is really strong, specially considering that some of them seems to hit both sides of the character (like Weiss’s). And at least one assist of every character seems to be useful on the defense (back + assist, if I’m not mistaken).

Don’t get me wrong, I do think this game will be heavily geared towards offense and it will be lots and lots of complaining, no doubt. But I still think that it doesn’t necessarily means that every match will end in less than 30 seconds.

I only hope that Arc Sys doesn’t listen to early complaints at let it roll this way for at least 1 year, but based on what’s happening with the modern FGs, I’m not feeling very confident about this


The main problem is just how fast the matches will end. Especially considering the TODs. Game is looking to be something where whoever lands 5 or 6 touches first wins the entire match. Probably less once the TODs start becoming a thing.

Doesn’t really matter how many defensive options you have if when you get hit its over. Its like everyone is MVC3 Hulk with a couple more chances to get out of combos. Eventually you’re going to get hit and its going to hurt bad unless you bleed resources that make you weaker in neutral which leads to getting hit again.

There’s too much evidence to confirm that it wont be something that’ll get “figured out”. It’s a hard issue of the game and without changes you’ll get the complaints and then you’ll get the fix later.


Man, it is very jarring playing BB characters in this game with the simplified controls. Half your shit is missing and the buttons will never line up the same way. I think I might have to stick to non-BB characters, or at least ones I didn’t know how to play.


I dunno, I really like the idea of having really high damage with the quick burst regeneration. As long as it’s not too easy to bait(Couldn’t just wait til they jump cancel and hit you, then burst) it could lead to some interesting decision making in the neutral

I feel like the burst regeneration would give zoning another benefit which I like to see with all the main games being offense, offense, offense lol


To me it’ll just boil down to bursting being fun for 2 minutes until people learn all the baits and punishes for it and then people go back to dying really fast.

Pew pew should be strong for some characters. Certain anime games usually
have good balance of offensive and pew pew characters. No 13 and Yukiko being the go to pew pews.

Luckily I haven’t played any of these games before and Ruby is new to fighting games so it’ll all be new to me.


Yea I already know nu is gonna be disgusting. She doesn’t need the benefit of the burst mechanic lol

Hoping she has some hard counters with the big button bois from unib


Zoning will exist in a few forms… I know that’s something players have complained about in the past with recent VS games. Soul Stone (Think it’s called Cross Combo), may be a mechanic used to magnify zoning for teams also.

Bursting will have specific application… The same way you V-Reversal certain moves in SFV. You’ll want to Burst at a certain point in a player’s combo. Of course it gets to a point where if you waited too long to Burst then you don’t wanna Burst at all. Just if a player has juggled you with a few A attacks then he might have the launcher revved up if you’re too hasty.


Basically this. It’s like burst in GG, you have to use it at safe point in the combo where they’re too commited to their current action to bait it. It’s still a strong option, just not a braindead one. Will require awareness to use and counter is all.


Well, this is a beta. They can still lower the damage in the final build (unless they stated otherwise, I dunno).

Let’s focus on sick setups for now:


Yeah stuff like that is going to make matches end faster than they already are. Especially considering you’re only burning half a tag bar on each tag cancel. Only going to be faster rather than slower.

Mr.Biscuits already talking on his stream about how 1 bad DP is some SFV shit. Dead or almost dead.

Oh and don’t call a bad assist and get bdayed cuz no burst out and you probably dead as below.


Going for the original BnB that is meterless is much more optimal than what this shows (meterless BnB can get at best 7065 damage without CH or assists)… but still something interesting for perhaps combo extension stuff in the future if optimized.


@Blue_Team Apparently you were right. There is a full on soul stone mode in this game. They definitely went and ripped all of Infinite’s functions on top of having real assists lool. I’m down.

SKD was messing around with some of it here. Says it’ll likely lead to some really cheap shit. Says something about even if one of your characters die you become invulnerable for a bit or something.


Will this game have its own subforums once it goes live? Or will all the threads be mixed in w/ the regular BB threads?


Didn’t give a shit about this game til I actually played it, and I’m having a blast. May have to make that purchase after all.

Waldstein is wicked fun man. I know it’s a beta but I’m cleeeeeeaning up some of the obviously good characters like Gordeau with him. He easily makes up for the Abigail nerfs :wink:


So apparently the Switch version of BBTAG’s beta was datamined, thanks to which we now know the remaining 9 unnannounced characters, and all of them also seem to coincide with the predictions based on the character silhouettes from the reveal trailers

As such, this is what the final 40-character roster looks like:


  • Ragna
  • Jin
  • Noel
  • Azrael
  • Tager
  • Hazama
  • Rachel
  • Nu-13
  • Makoto
  • Es
  • Platinum (DLC)
  • Hakumen (DLC)
  • Jubei (DLC)
  • Nine (DLC)
  • Izayoi (DLC)
  • Mai (DLC)


  • Narukami
  • Yosuke
  • Chie
  • Yukiko
  • Kanji (DLC)
  • Naoto (DLC)
  • Aegis (DLC)
  • Labrys (DLC)
  • Mitsuru (DLC)
  • Akihiko (DLC)


  • Hyde
  • Linne
  • Waldstein
  • Gordeau
  • Orie (DLC)
  • Vatista (DLC)
  • Merkava (DLC)
  • Yuzuriha (DLC)
  • Mika (DLC)
  • Carmine (DLC)


  • Ruby
  • Weiss
  • Blake (DLC)
  • Yang (DLC)



that something you guys have to request preppy for.


Finally just tried the game out. Found out you can hit the character that tries to interrupt the combo during the burst lol


I can dig it.

Tbh, I rarely ever get my hope and expectations up for a roster. I never got into the BB series, so that’s all pretty much a wash, altho there are some characters I think are cool. Initially I had hoped for more RWBY characters, but it was quickly apparent that wasn’t happening. They included my favorite P4A character, Chie, so I was content w/ the base roster, knowing there were already a handful of characters I dug.

The only DLC that got me real excited were Orie and Naoto. Vatista, Yuzu, Nine, and Jubei I like as well.

I do kinda like how you can thematically (not even counting colors) make teams - robot chicks, rapier chicks, headband chicks, bobcut chicks, furry/beast team, etc.