BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


I’m here for the P4A characters so I’m happy. Yu/Yosuke has pretty good synergy. Yu/Chie has less synergy but do complement each other in some ways. I’m really curious about a Yu/Akihiko team or a Misturu/Akihiko.

I am really impressed by the beta/demo. I played 175 games and only had 4 bad connections.


I used bang, litchi, and valk in blazblue so that kind of sucks. Used akihiko is p4u and always wanted to try out carmine and yuzu in unib. Got an ok selection but most of the characters I want to use are dlc. Plan on waiting for a price drop for this game anyway.


The only 2 P4A characters I liked design wise (Aigis and Mitsuru) are also not hitting till DLC. I liked Aigis cuz she was Magnus function in anime and high tier and Mitsuru cuz she was strong pokey sword character with DP and looked like a ho and I like ho characters that poke (like Falke and Rose).

Only launch character I genuinely like design wise is Gordeau and he looks like day one support tier so works for me. I’ll just use Ruby cuz she looks good gameplay wise and I like character with scythes. I was ready to run Aigis 13 day one but forgot Aigis DLC.


My 2 favorite characters arakune and teddie didn’t make it in so, pretty bummed about that. But Es is in and I love her. Gonna try to pair her with Chie first.


Well, Orie also uses a rapier, can poke and have a DP.


Nah she isn’t a ho doe.


Forgot the guys over at SRK… but I got DSP coefficients down a while back today and got narrator voice samples.

Who are Asuka and Yumi (5:50 and 7:40):


A shame there’s no Bullet in the game, but I’ll deal.


And she has a persona.

I remember seeing Orie for the first time and thinking “wait, did they just plainly port Mitsuru from P4A?” Then I realized something like 70% of the cast have clear parallels to characters from another game.

Speaking of which, DJ01, didn’t you play Twelve on the side in 3S? You might want to take a look at Merkava, he’s literally Twelve except good (well, at least in UNIEL, he might suck here ofc)


I can’t believe this is real

Also, I really liked Chie during the Beta but found Rachel too weird, Ruby too easy, Weiss too hard and Nu-13 made me remember why I like Lambda more than her. No other characters “click” with me so, maybe I hope Jubei, Aegis, Vatista, Blake and Yang are more fun so I can actually have a main team. I just fucked around with Chie and Ragna/Gordeau during the beta.


He was always the character I would have played if I had played that game. It’s just like everyone else I was gonna play he’s DLC so can’t immediately think about him.

I know he was top tier at one point too. Just never actually got into the game and I think I’m already pretty set on Aigis for this game. Which would work since my brother is also going to use her so he could help me lab her. Magnus function is best.


Oh yeah. Dlc.
Vatista’s DLC as well, boo. Gotta figure out who to pick too, then. I assume I’ll just pick one of the cheap Ky-knockoffs and someone else. Nu looked prety dumb, maybe I’ll try her.


I’ll definitely be using Jin… His projectile assist is just way too cheap. Like a big ass Sentinel Drone that locks down and even leaves the opp standing on hit.

So far all the RWBY characters look ridiculous also, even watching clips of Blake in preview builds I’m thinking that character might be cheap. Ruby is just all round versatile and looks like Weiss will have a high ceiling in terms of potential.


TLDR but im gonna give my super drawn out opinion on this game in a obscure sorta vague way…

Have fighting games finally come full circle? And has this self entitled “nerd” community gone to far?

I mean really think about it. This new “hype” blazblue cross battle thing, has 2…TWO attack main attack buttons. We have gone from the very first days of street fighter with 2 buttons, all the way to 6… now back to 2. We have systems in games with people doing visually ‘crazy’ ‘insane’ 'creative" combos, sets up from players who wouldnt even be able to do a low forward into super in a game like ST. We have 2 button reversals, almost no command variety what so ever.

Ive said it before but there is this ridiculous idea to enjoy a game you have to be the star quarter back of the team. If YOU cant throw the hail marry pass the game sucks and is to hard. But what happens when the team you play for everyone can throw the winning touchdown? The breakaway goal in overtime? What moral victory do you even get as a player anymore?

Theres this idea and thought that many nerds have, as humans do in general, that they are “special” at times for no reason. As games got more popular, “nerd” felt threatened when they realized not just cliche looking nerds were the ones that were good at video games. And ive said this many times before when I was going to tournaments and anyone can look at me im sure. I was surprised to find out that most stereotypical nerds… SUCK at video games.

So with games being more popular, the internet only getting bigger and bigger we see a larger outcry from these “nerds”. Like “im the real nerd! My opinion matters the most! These games are to hard dont listen to these other people that are better at me in these games. Because im your REAL consumer base”.

I mean even on some level look at the secret characters in this tag game. Its just ninjas with big boobs. And thats cool, I use to get off to video games. But I mean really just think about that, of all the different series they could have taken things from. Obviously they are gonna have to make new sprites…they COULD have made new GG sprites then if thats the case right? But they picked ninja girls with big boobs so they can have more things to jack off to instead of going into the real world and see that being a “nerd” doesnt make you special anymore. Because lots of people are nerds.

You only have to look at this new DBFZ game as well and look at all these “nerds” who tried to flag my youtube saying I stole stuff and tried to make sites not post my videos and all sorts of excuses posting fake quotes of me saying things on twitter and discord blah blah like that as proof that “nerds” cant handle people they dont deem as nerdy as them doing things they cant do. And its ruining fighting games. I mean dude ya you can do crazy stuff in this game, but its fucking 2 buttons bro. Like what the fuck has the community done to games. Like you guys want to play a beat mania game or something as a fighting game just memorizing what buttons you mash in what spot/vise versa its just crazy to me.


I’m not defending the choice of making a fighting game with only two attack buttons (in fact I love figthing games with 6 attack buttons) but the idea that a game with 2 button is easier is wrong. In fact, I would say that the more attack buttons are there, easier the game becomes (unless there’s, like, 20 or something buttons).

More buttons means more options. And more options means that you will more likely find the neutral tool you need in determined situation. At least that’s how I feel when I’m playing those games with 3 or less buttons, I always end up thinking: “man, I think I should use this normal here, but I wish I had something better”. Or sometimes I feel limited on my blockstrings because, there isn’t many moves that I can use in this situation and I can end up being predictable.

Unless, of course, the game resorts to having command and (ugh) proximity normals, but those two also makes the game more difficult to play. The former brings the problem of overlapping functions. You want to dash in and 5A, but instead you get 6A. This can be really annoying at times. The latter is also a problem because it’s hard, depending on your spacing, to be 100% sure of which normal you will get when you press a button. Something I absolutely hate about Umineko: Golden Fantasia is how every standing normal has a close and far version. The cancel window can vary between the versions and you can end up dropping your combo because of this. Worse, there are normals that doesn’t combo at all, making the playing experience very frustating.

I would greatly appreciate if BBTAG had at least 1 more normal button, but what can I do? I’ll either try to adapt or abandon ship. Hopefully the former.


BBxTag is more like a 3 button game… but yeah that third button is a little funny. All of the buttons are a little bit weird in this game.


It’s technically a 3 attack button game and it has more/better vs functions than DBFZ does so I’m good


BTW, I didn’t know about the rebeats system that Under Night characters have (can chain normals to weaker ones). Definitely makes Gordeau’s buttons better than I thought initially. That character is going to be such a problem day 1.


Seems to be a good amount of command normals, so that kind of covers different strength of buttons.


3 buttons… where…you press down to sweep, standing you do your ghetto auto combo cross tag thing since well gotta have one button combos(speaking of that the auto combos in the game are called… SMART combos for christ sake), and in the air you do one of your special moves or something else because well we just dont have enough commands in the game to give you all your old specials anymore. At least dust, or a drive button I will accept that as a real attack button. For this game there are 2 main attack buttons, I cant accept this other as being a “real” attack button its just not enough.

As fuck man come on your characters dont even walk anymore… characters automatically run… the game gives everyone a DP, and its just 2 buttons. shiver

Like again there is no doubt, you can do visually cool, impressive, fun, wacky set ups…that are FUN. I agree… but, when most of it is just mashing one button or another, with almost no command variety… what moral victory do you have as a player anymore? Creatively even speaking how does it feel when this amazing fun wacky set up… can be done by your friend that comes over with in a few mins of practicing? Like you …dont feel cheated? your hail mary pass, your breakaway goal in the third overtime… “everyone” can do it. Where is the sense of accomplishment? Again it looks cool, i agree. People are sending me tons of videos trying to get me to play. But then I look at them and the inputs on the side and its like mother fucker dude half of that was just a beat mania game. Like come on. Its like man it looked cool… but thats what you did to do it?