BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Long gone are the days where you have to be able to roll cancel just to be able to compete.

As long as the game has a good skill gap, I’m ok with it. Part of the reason I like dbfz is that you literally see a big difference of skill even at the highest level.

As much as I would like a new fighting game with the feel of the old games, its probably not going to happen anytime soon, especially with esports. Can always get the street fighter collection if you’re looking for the good ole days.


While I wouldn’t say that two buttons is necessarily a great idea, I do know that there were many two button old school side-scrolling beat-em-ups that had almost as much move-set depth as Street Fighter II. It’s all in the implementation.


I still miss a standing C, but I agree with what you just said. I just miss the good old 6 button games, and this is part of the reason I still play SFV.

I was never a execution heavy type of guy (I play Jack O in GG for fucks sake), and I always gravitate towards more execution friendly characters, so I don’t mind having easy to execute combos and setups. I just like normals a lot, and I wish every fighting game had at least 4 buttons. Can’t have everything in life, I guess…


Light and medium are pretty much attached to one button and your heavy is the other button, at least with ragna and jin it was. Didnt bother taking the time to switch the preset characters lol


There doesn’t seem to be that many command normals… Just 4A for most of my chars


Liked Es and Ruby but neither has super strong assists so one of them will be point with someone else in the back (probably orie) but running yu in the back for now as its easy to convert of random fireballs into big dmg with him. This game is too cheap for dmg to be this high though and bursts to suck so much.

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Resonance is actually cheap af depending on character.

Rachel can chip your entire lifebar away with her animals super a couple times. If you air block she can get a guaranteed DP so jumping it isn’t even an option (maybe there’s a way to avoid the dp but wasn’t able to find one). Jin and Es can just throw out fullscreen supers to punish near enough anything. The recovery on them isn’t bad either.


Every time I see a Jin activating resonance blaze I know that the other player will be at pixel life shortly after.


to you guys that have played the beta,
opinions on this game?
yay? nay?
hows the netcode?
the assist/tag in this game looks interesting.


I played the beta and had a shit-ton of fun with it. Online connections felt solid; I played against various 0 bar opponents and it was still very playable.Tag mechanic seems to open multiple possibilities for combos, and assist usage is HIGHLY encouraged, even though the combos themselves aren’t difficult. Variety in character styles present. Damage is pretty high so you can’t fuck up more than a few times against a competent opponent. I’ll definitely be buying this game and it wasn’t even on my radar til the beta.

Here’s set from the beta, apologies as I don’t know any big tag combos yet:


Was watching some of Notes’ carmine matches from uniel. If that character is anywhere near as strong in this game, I’ll prob be buying day 1 lol


Is the beta still online or only on the weekends?


The beta is over. It ran for a weekend. It’s replaced by a demo that lets you play the 4 main characters - Ragna, Ruby, Narukami, and Hyde. If you preorder the game digitally on PS4, you have access to the 20 character roster from the demo.


Watched some beta games.
I said I considered one of the Ky-wannabes. I’m pretty certain it’ll be Jin if they don’t nerf him. Holy shit this character looks dumb.


so…after some of you got hands on the game. how would you compare it with dbfz?


Only thing I can really compare is the auto combos. Seems like they are keeping the cheap stuff in this game unlike dbfz. Lack of normal buttons is a little weird but just takes some getting use to.


I like it a lot better than DBFZ. Has a lot more marvel/vs things in it than DBFZ does and even though it’s anime still majority of the cast has more ways to move around or actually feel different to move around with than in DBFZ. Way more ranged fireball play and zoning also. I dont need every SF game to have a ton of pew pew because walking around with buttons is good enough for me (lot of the dark ages SF games are more walk around then pew pew), but no pew pew in anime/vs is boring AF. Most teams are just easy mode variations of MSP rolling forward at each other and converting one fireball into faceroll.

Plus just not a fan of DBZ IP so wasn’t going to be one of the people that got into it because saiyans like I feel a lot of people ended up doing.


I think I like it more than DBFZ, honestly. There’s a lot of good things in DBFZ sure, but it just doesn’t…‘feel’ right or whatnot compared to BBTAG. I can’t really put my finger on how or explain, but I feel like I have a better idea of things here, while DBFZ sometimes seems ‘off’.


so real zoning is possible in this game and playing defensive?


I’d never thought Indonesia got the cheapest price by luck, regarding of Steam’s regional prices on Steam DB.