BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


I haven’t played this yet. But it sounds like the game harkens back to the old school vibe and feel of games. I like dbfz but I can understand how things so,times feel “off”… save for I actually know why things feel off, but that would require a wall of text.

Anywho, glad there more pew pew and gunshots and just general plasma zoning going on in tag. That’s something that has been sorely lacking in anything later than mvc3/skullgirls… though saying that I’m not a fan of NU. Zoning is good, full on keep you out all game and never get in, is pretty wack. The zoning I like best is sent style mvc2 zoning where it’s his big normals and mobility. At least you can play against that.

Looking forward to getting my hands on this.


Does anyone know the button layout of this game on an arcade stick?


There’s no official layout, you have to choose the one you like.

I personnaly use the three upper buttons for A B C
And the bottom first two for P and S.

Anyway tried the demo and liked it. Having three assist, real defensive options, real different archetype that seems viable is refreshing compare to DBFZ. There’s also no crossup protection in this game if I’m not mistaken.

Online was quiet good too.


Combo Breaker top 8


  1. So when people use more of the mechanics the matches do last a bit longer, but still are pretty quick. They said they ran the game 3/5 for the entire bracket for 120 something people and the game still finished two hours early. Which should help either way as I believe the matches will go back to finishing dumb fast once people unleash all of the obvious ToD stuff that’s present in the game. Which in order to get out of that stuff you’ll have to kill your resources.

  2. From what I’m seeing probably looking at playing Ruby/Jin and also Nu/Jin or Gordeau.

  3. You are going to NEED to pick good teams in this game. The game’s comeback system is powered up based on how much you use assists and the best assists to use often are of course NEUTRAL based assists. The grand finals is pretty much a testament to what happens if you are using a point based team. You get out neutraled and you get a shitty resonance to comeback with that fills your health super slowly. Do not come into this game playing whatever DBFZ sonicfox style point character team. Not going to work. Possibly, you’ll want to play a team with solid assists on both sides to have the most chances to power up Resonance.


I watched that top 8. I wanted to see Chie/Linne winning, but that team was struggling so hard in that GF that I wished Justin switched one of the girls for Gordeau or another character with top tier assist or else things wouldn’t go well for him (as they inevitably went).

I will try to make Orie/Weiss work, but I’ll also try Es because she seems to be a decent character with good assists. The good thing in this game is that you get 3 assists per character, so this means that you get a bit more options to choose from, but generally close range characters (Chie, Linne, Makoto, Rachel) have not so great assists making them point characters only.

My only worry is that the game delves into most players picking two decent chars with good assits like Gord/Jin and duos becomes repetitive, but only time will tell.


So far its looking like most characters that have really strong assists tend to not be top tier point characters also. Jin might be the only one that comes close to that, but otherwise the other strong supports like Gordeau seem to have issues on point.

It’s just with the way the game works it’s likely there will end up being some team that has 2 characters that are strong on support and on point that will get to level 4 resonance pretty easily long as they stay alive.


I’m disgusted at how excited I am to play this game next week. Even started watching RWBY recently to see wtf it’s about.

Pusha T adlib


I ended up liking the game more than I thought, Blazblue characters feel like your roommate reorganized the entire house while you were gone though.

For anyone interested in the Persona 4 cast I just finished a tips and trick video for Yukiko and Chie, for the ones not familiar with them or who didnt have time/patience to lab:

Critique welcome, tryin to get back in video editing:

May do more if I find the time. Hope you guys enjoy the game!


Alright, so because of this game I binge watched that RWBY show while at work. Easily a shit-ton of characters more interesting than the main cast. Hopefully some of these guys come in DLC down the line:

Cinder - OMG plz DLC!
Pyrrha - T_T
Hammer Girl
Blake’s Dad

I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but man, Cinder would be disgusting.


Velvet pls!


The only one I really like design wise is Blake cuz i like guns and swords people. The other ones are too waifu for me and the only reason I like Ruby a bit is scythe and air teleports. Otherwise she’s a bit too fangirl ditzy for me and the big waifu skirt thing is just ugh


Godsgarden streaming at the moment.


Just got the game. Is there something off with jump cancelling in air combos? Trying do to basic combo #4 for Weiss and the jump cancel never comes out, wtf?


just tried it quick in trainingmode with ragna and air canceling worked fine on my side.
did they really got rid of platinums bubbles?

pc port seems to have a buch of issues.


I must be fucking up something with my timing since no one else has this issue.

@Deviljin01 From the little I played of Blake in training, Blake is your bitch. Def has cheap stuff. Technical shit too with her spacing


Good looking out. Now I just have to wait for my key to come in. Key store making me wait for whatever reason.


tried the combo you mentioned and i get the cancels there too with no big issues.
do you have vsync turned off and its running in 60fps? which platform?


SRK Review : 9 out of 10


Gonna stream some online games, trying Waldstein/Weiss.


When are the dlc coming out for this game?