BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


you have the day 1 dlc with blake and the trio.

Yang is said to release on the 19th with dlc pack 2 or something.

Game is fun so far. I’m running Nu-Tager so far, in the lab it seem promising.


Damn even Blake is dlc. So all 3 characters I want to use are dlc lol.

I’m having enough fun with dbfz to wait for a price drop with this game lol


Well, game is cheaper than most release (re-used asset and such.) Game + full dlc is the price of a normal game xD.

Arc sys shoulda released the game for 60bucks, and marketed “4month of free dlc releases”. They would have banked so much in goodwill and basically forced the season pass bundle xD.


Yea the $40 price tag was pretty much why i was still considering the game day 1.


So is there no region select or am I missing something?


This game’s tag/assist system is basically the next level of MVCI’s. Being able to actually use real assists (3 per character even) while also being able to turn the assist into the point character is going to create some KARAZY shit. Do shit like Jin’s qcf+B ice sword (I call it sent drones), tag in Blake to do her blade assist that pulls them in then turn Blake’s assist into the point so you can then pressure them while Jin’s point projectile is now the assist’s assist…oh man.

Blake is super fun. Probably the closest I’ll have to a main in this game so far. Air options, clone shit that lets her do more mix ups, long and far range gun/sword shit, fast, can’t go wrong. Not to mention cute stuff like this.


Yeah I’m liking Blake a lot as well. Her and Linne are the current waifus.


I’m telling you man, Blake is pure uncut filth. I had to ditch Weiss for Es to even stand a chance vs Blake in the neutral. Even Gord doesn’t give me the same amount of trouble, and Ruby is a shit ton easier to deal with.

Had tons of good sets today, this is a great distraction til Cody!


How are you getting decent matches? There seems to be no region filter so all I can find are literally 0 bar people.


from the steam forum. standart seems to be set to asia.

"From the normal lobby:

  1. Press the menu button
  2. Move your cursor to the online lobby option
  3. Press the manu button AGAIN

At that point it will pop-up the apparently secret option to change your region. "


Explains the difference about the Franchise Chars in this Game.


Weird. I’ve been getting bars with players from 0-3, and a lot of the 0s are still playable…

Dropping Weiss for sure now after seeing Es has far better normals and neutral. Blake gonna be part of the meta and if your neutral/normals are ass, it’s a wrap.


I’m trying to do a cool Orie BnB that ends into the j.C>j.B>2B pickup but the opponent always pops out at the final part. I hate when the trials give me fun ideas that don’t work :frowning:


Es is definitely looking like go to sword normal character ATM. She got Guile V Skill boom as shit she throwing out and if she has solid assists that’ll be even better. Weiss has good buttons but she can’t pew pew it up like Es


PC Port is so f’d right now. I have a lower end graphics card that should be good enough according to requirements but it’s not a stable 60 fps. Drops down to 40-50 while doing combos randomly.


Some streamer yesterday counter picks my Wald/Weiss team with Blake/Gordeau and says I’m a “pub stomper”cuz I left after like 5 straight losses when it was clear my Weiss couldn’t cut it? AND he’s using two of the best characters? Wasn’t saying shit when I went 4-0 vs his Yu/Azrael though lol. I play EVERYBODY, I’m trying to learn and I don’t cherry pick at all.

Hopefully I run into him again with this new Es/Wald team, a team with actual neutral to deal with his counterpick team. Weiss has little to no answers for Blake or Gord, but Es has plenty of bullshit.


So reportedly Yang will be arriving on June 19th, and the PC version already has her “playable” through cheat engine since her assets are deep in the game’s resources

I think that’s when the second DLC pack will also be arriving, which hints at a bi-weekly content release schedule for the characters, meaning the third DLC pack (and the last one until after EVO) might come out early July, since EVO demands the DLC to become available approx a month before the event for the charas to become legal to be used


Yang seems to have rekkas, a diagonal projectile and command grabs. She looks kinda like Bullet x classic unga.
Her assists seem kinda slow and lame though.


Most melee characters are going to be point only characters. They just dont have the hit boxes on their buttons and specials to be assist material. You better just provide for them.


Made a Dojo Thread for this Game, feel free to Contribute when you find some stuff.