BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


I really don’t like the lack of normals you have in neutral in this game. I’m totally fine with auto combos, but don’t lock normals behind them, just give us command normals for them.


So with Cheat Engine you can play in the lab as future dlc char.

Yang/Jubei/Aegis/Naoto/the weird kid from uniel.

(rest arent complete yet).

They are pretty good. the guy in the vid didnt highlight Yang’s change when she is 33% or below health. She deal a smidge more damage (15%). And can combo after her B command grab.

Naoto damage output seem very high.


They are working on patching the PC issues pretty quickly. While it is clear that it wasn’t quite ready for release, it is nice to see that it should be fixed soon.

Here’s the list of in progress stuff:


Do you know exactly how to play them with CE? (in DM if necessary)

Also the characters of the first 3 DLC packs are there as opponents in story mode, so it’s pretty sure they’re basically complete.


I can’t believe I’m having more fun with this than DBFZ. If this game ever gets the Xrd aesthetic it would be huuuuuuge.

Es is gawd. Labbing with Es/Wald has given solid results. 11k DHC combos, 7k+ solo combos, oki stuff… why couldn’t Weiss be as cheap as Es? Why can’t Es have a more appealing look? At least her gameplay is right up my alley.


Well there’s a table called geo bbctag.

You load it, you check the case “unlock all dlc”. You then check “forced player choice” (cuz you cant select the dlc dudes from char select screen). And on the force player choice you can choose the char.

Some are already on the list Mitsuru/Akihiko/3 in-line dudes/ Nine/Labrys but dont work (you recognise they dont work cuz having them on charac select screen load no picture while Yang& the others load the picture.).


Found it, thank you. Looks like Yang doesn’t have rekkas after all, the follow-ups after her elbow dash are just included in the B version. As for Jubei, the rekka starter has become his B button, his drive has become an air special with 3 different patterns and the projectile is one of his 3 assists.
The characters of the next two DLC packs seem all almost if not entirely finished. Their new themes even play in the background if you select them.
Interestingly, the characters that aren’t there still already have their name called by the announcer when you select them.


Yumi and Asuka speeches are still there too, they didn’t do anything to that.

Some throw combo for Naoto clip (meterless/corner):

If no video shows up: streamable .com/d08vk


Cant find how to do Naoto’s astral tho xD.


I think some of the supers aren’t done yet. Like Jubei seems to only have one super.


what do you guys think so far about the game? I quit DBFZ because I didn’t like the heavy focus on rushdown and blockstrings as well the lack of character archetypes and defensive options. MvCI I really like though. how does BBCTB compare with these games?


If your assist gauge is full, you can burst switch out of a combo.

Every char has 2button DP fully invincible (air ok) that airborn opponent cannot block. If you whiff/get blocked on the ground you get a very heavy punish tho you cannot burst switch out of the combo.

and every char has a move that is invincible vs overhead after startup (like dbz f 2H).

And you have a big pushblock (dp 2 button while blocking). That cost you 1 bar.

you can use assist to extend combo (each char has 3 assist moves with 6 5 4 + Assist) and if you double tap assist, you call the 2nd char in like in mvci.


Wall of text incoming regarding the combo system.

[As a fan of BB, P4A and UNI, my chief concern going into this game was whether or not the game would sacrifice the depth found in those games for the sake of reaching a wider demographic outside of the fighting game community.
Now, the moveset per character is certainly more simplistic, and honestly rather odd and cramped-feeling compared to what those games offered, as light, medium, heavy, persona and drive attacks are now mainly done through repeated tapping of the two buttons (yes, auto combos are here in full force) that were usually reserved for simple light and medium attacks previously while more important actions and attacks are now mapped squarely to what used to be the heavy/persona attack button, presumably for easier conveyance of the moves’ importance or somesuch. With no real command normals to speak of, you’ll quickly find that you need to engage with the auto combo system to make use of most of your normals whether you’d like to or not. While the rigid nature of the auto combo system limits the comboability of individual characters on their own (this restricts the UNI cast in particular very noticeably compared to their home turf), effective use of the multiple assist types available to you per partner during each match more than picks up the slack in this regard. In summary, once you get the hang of things and stop treating the game like BB, UNI or P4A, it all starts coming together rather nicely. That said, the game overall feels very much derivative of P4A’s gameplay model above all else despite its namesake as mechanics like the universal overheads and reversals are directly based on the same concepts from those two games, so migration for Persona players should be a comparatively easier ordeal.


I like that characters feel and play very different from each other at least. No character has the same combo routes or pressure strings as another one (some of the trials combos are actually tricky to pull off - thank you team Blue for not treating us like complete idiots), there is some actual interest in playing mid-range or zoner characters and the defensive mechanics are overall much better. Pressure is different and more varied because you can jump cancel on block and every character has its specific jc-ables buttons. Even the air game is different because the characters retained the kind of air dashes they had in the original series, and it’s a much more “grounded” game anyway.
In terms of offensive gameplay, tag system can get really crazy with the ability to switch characters mid assist and activate Soul Stone for crazy two characters combos. With a weaker crossup protection than in DBFZ way more mixups become actually viable.

I’m not really a fan of 5C just being the universal overhead though, I would’ve put it on 6C to give you one more button in neutral (and why not give you combos off overheads, not just a standard super-like sequence). Also unlike DBFZ autocombos you can’t continue the string on whiff, so your buttons in neutral are really just the autocombo starters or the crouching/command normals. Among other things that feel weird are the automatic forward movement on throws and the fact walking and dashing have just been replaced by running. These are just minor issues though.
And I know redoing the sprites would’ve taken an excessive amount of work, but it really hurts the eye to see how detailed Ruby sprites are compared to the older ones.


Jubei/Naoto/Aegis and uniel loli are opponent in the story tho with an actual fight so i’d guess they are completed. (Unlike Yang wich also has a weird code under her feets).


Hakumen and Carmine also shows up for a couple of fights, which rounds out the complete second and third DLC pack (explaining why both are being released on the same day). Supposedly Jubei is lacking one super and Naoto’s lacking an Astral. Beyond that, I guess it comes down to balancing.

After DBFZ’s simplistic challenges, I had forgotten how useful Team BB’s character tutorials always were.
I may not alway agree with Mori’s design philosophy, but the guy knows how to design practical trials that serves as an useful introduction to that specific character at any skill level.


I know it’s a versus style game so this tends to come with the territory, but god damn the balance of the cast feels fucked. How can ArcSys look at a character like Waldstein and then look at Kanji and say “yeah this seems fine.” These characters aren’t even on the same planet in terms of strength.


Well team red did a good job on guilty gear.

I think they just didnt bother with dbz f because everything is much more streamlined and maybe bamco didnt want to foot the bill for additional tutorial.


After playing this game the last two days I’ve determined that it’s ass. I really wish the fgc would stop supporting these dumbed down as fuck games where everything is invincible and you get constant “get out of jail free” cards throughout the match.


Block and punish the reversal? They can’t burst a punish on blocked dp so with the damage as high as it is in this game, that can be a character losing decision.

Perhaps a bit big brained to block a reversal, but what you gonna do :smile: