BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


This is strange. In anime you can do a lot more maneuvering around invincible stuff than you can in something grounded like SF any way.


no, but you can burst a punished invincible super, and there are many full screen invincible supers that are flat out unpunishible on block and do absurd chip damage (see Jin). I’ve been playing a lot of Nu and it’s almost comical the way you can successfully zone someone and have all your work erased by a couple invincible supers that you blocked, god help you if you get hit. I suppose I should just drop Nu and play gord/Jin like everyone else.


Jin is top support. Partly because of free ass supers. Most likely getting nerfed, but yeah.


Hmm… well that is interesting and puts things into perspective. However, I hate NU so… yeah. Death to non projectile zoners imo. Have you thought about using NU as an assist ward/tag character… IE using her to clear the way in for your assist tag into a pressure character? That’s the way I would use zoners in this kind of game. Though maybe not with how the tag and assist costs meter if you are in actives, which is dumb as shit. Only thing about reversals I’ve fo7nd myself not liking is that DPreversals can’t be airblocked… pretty dumb imo but w/e I’ll have to adjust when I really sit down and play the game.


You can punish burst, it’s not as free as it looks.


Indeed. The universal reversal beats it clean I believe and some character specific specials can at the very least trade with it and stop the tag-in.


I got thrown out of a burst this morning. It’s definitely not free.


How do y’all deal with Tager with non-zoners? I’m running Nu/Rachel as my main team right now so it’s not much trouble there, but whenever I try to play something else vs him I don’t really understand my options.


More (beta?) Naoto stuff with oki/combos for both solo and with Nu assist:

(If link does not work): streamable .com/malny


being at “sword” range basically.

His only fast stuff are his stumpy 4A normal and the ex grabs. point blank range. Or his sparking bolt.

So keeping him at sword tip range lets you bully him a bit. Watch out for distorsion grab in gaps tho. (you can mix it up by doing some neutral jumps poke too, his 2B anti air also has crap range and isnt that fast).

his 5A is slow as fuck and 5B is beaten by lows.


Has anyone found out if you can control the direction your 2nd character will come from after that the 1st has been knocked down? Or is it just completely random?


I’ll probably look into it tonight. I don’t know if the game’s lesson mode went over it or not.

Potential infinite?


Nu Gordeau is Team Scrub as it is lol


nah, that’s Gordeau Jin.


I guess that’s like online warrior team scrub, but Nu Gordeau is like tournament placing/winning Team Scrub.


So it seems like Es is a character that goes with any team. Despite me dislike her aesthetic outside of the big sword, she can work with anyone.

Been playing Wald/Chie with Es and both work pretty well, especially Wald/Es. Hope Yang is good but lack of weapon normals has me doubtful, although Chie has some nice shit despite her lack of range on A attacks.


That’s how marvel/anime goes. People with the most retardo buttons get priority. Otherwise you have to fill some niche role or have some crazy set play to make up for lacking retardo buttons.


I just hope EVO finals will not just all be dumb shit like ruby/gord on literally every team, the character variety stagnation so soon after the launch would not be a good sign or indication of the game’s health

Same with DBFZ with basically 3-5 characters ruling the meta even after 4 DLC additions and a minor balance patch

I hope Arcsys seriously reconsiders patching the game sooner because I can only take so many Cells, Vegetas and Bardocks


I wouldn’t worry about this just yet. Ruby and Gord are popular, yes, but there are also a lot of other good characters that appear in many teams too, like Es, Jin and Orie. There are others looking good too, like Yu, Blake and Nu. And I believe that some underused characters can pop up once they discover some sort of sinergy (Wald can make DPs safe with his multi hitting assist, and can DHC to continue pressure with multi hitting supers).


A question for those who’ve dabbled in the game’s files: Does Hakumen still have acess to his counters, and if he does, are they specials or his reversal action (A-la Chie) and does he still have both the high and low versions?
I can sort of understand the train of thought if they removed the counters since they were partly there to fuel his now gone magatama meter, plus this game really seem to want to encourage offensive play, but even without the magatama, they were a great asset to catch overzealous players off-guard when they rushed in and started mashing buttons after getting past his sword.