BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Looks like he still has the counter points in his strings and he does counter super at the end of the match.

Aegis is basically easier to use. No more Orgia mode or overheating. Just have a straight meter for burning air dashes.


Wait does gordeau have a gambit color? Pretty sure I just saw a gambit color lol


Yeah he does. Maximilian uses it


It’s an extremely popular colour online.


People are freaking out over naotos instant kill lol. I haven’t really touched the game yet but spending 4 bars for a kill doesn’t seem like it would be busted especially since you can burst and switch out. Though the skull stays when you tag back in


Doesn’t really matter too much if you can burst and tag. Having a TOD means you already have the highest damage output in the game so you just keep touching people until they run out of resources.

Especially with Resonance she becomes a serious anchor if it’s a solo TOD.


Damn, carmine looking really good too. Hard to fight the urge to get this game right now lol


I haven’t actually started playing much yet but when I do I’m looking at Aigis/Jin or Aigis/Carmine. Probably both.


Dunno what I was expecting but Hakumen’s damage seems pretty nuts already. I suppose they had to give a spacing based guy like him some kind of edge in this super offense based game.
An anchor Hakumen that can benefit from the meter collected by the point character to fuel his magatama cancels can effortlessly break the magical 10k damage barrier. And then you start mixing in Resonance…
The downside being that he’s kind of a lumbering oaf movement wise, so he’s kind of risky as your last line of defense. Plus he’s a real meter hungry sonuvagun too, but you build meter pretty fast anyway.

I love how the combo trial teaches the player that you can jc 236C without leaving the ground to avoid wasting meter to go from 236C into other specials. That’s some really useful stuff that I’d never figure out in the lab on my own.


Semblance Yang is like a diet Dark Phoenix. Nowhere near as oppressive but maaannnn the damage!. And it stays if you tag out!

Vatista looks like a problem, possibly a better zoner than Nu. Hate the aesthetic but the tools are superb. Great normals too!

Aigis is scary looking toolset wise.

Jubei clearly has low-ish damage for a reason. Mix up potential is through the roof. this character worries me the most once people get the hang of him lol


New Chars should be out


Vatista is so much cooler in UNIB.



doesnt that apply to every char in the original game. everyone seems to be a stripped of version (in term of moves) of the og version to fit into the game and its mechanic.


Yea, not only that but unib characters are more like gg characters, where everyone is OP. They would need toned down in general even if characters kept all their tools


Was not going to play this “Carmine” fellow cuz ‘too much edge’, but holy shit, he is a problem! And fun! Cool combo links, too! Still having a blast with this game, salt and all.


Vatista’s biggest “nerf” is that in BBTAG everyone can move faster, with more mobility options and there’s a lot of fullscreen beams to deal with, so, she can’t zone like Guile in the same way she did in Unist.

But this doesn’t mean that she’s weak, far from it. Now she isn’t a charge character anymore, and being able to laser people fullscreen on reaction means that she can win any projectile war now. She got 3 very good assists that can either complement other characters zoning or set up some nasty offense. And her damage seems pretty high too. I managed to come with a 0 bar solo combo that dealt around 5.8k and I think there’s a lot of room for optimization.


Yeah I’m not speaking to her power, just her design. Her old sliding rapid shot move that is her third A in the autocombo now was so much cooler when you could control movement during it. Also I really enjoyed her weird reverse charging inputs.


Been watching a lot of bretts stream this week while I’ve been on vacation. Excited to watch some tourney play.

There’s a tournament this weekend right?


Yep. Northwest Majors has Cross Tag.


Teamspooky streams on