BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Carmine pinwheel into aegis’ dash looking like mvci Jedah over here lol

Just finished watching the matches from last night. Looks like Blake shuts down a lot of the cast with jin assist behind her


Yeah I was planning on learning Blake Jin any ways. If it is that good I’ll probably get back to having it in the pocket.

I still want a Marvel team though so probably still gonna run Aigis/Jin or Aigis Carmine.


Those of you in the UI - check the store. BBTAG and its DLCs are availableo on PS4. No yang yet for some reason though


Calling this “the jedah”

This one was also nice


Yup I already called SKD picking up Blake Jin. Ruby is good, but Blake was looking even better any way. People figuring out the support meta. Good as I haven’t even touched the game much yet so at least I was already thinking about the right stuff to do before I start playing it.

Good to see someone already putting together Aigis Carmine shit. Pretty much wanted that to be ghetto Nova/Jedah


Woke up in the middle of the night last night and came across a Japanese tournament. Let’s just say they are playing a completely different game. They were constantly using the cross combo mechanic, I think that’s what it’s called. Didn’t even know you could use it that often.

Definitely getting this game soon. I have a feeling yukiko might not be considered such a low tier character if this turns out to be the real meta


Link? I haven’t really even seriously looked at this game. Feels like B.B. and I was never a big fan of B.B. but still, it looks interesting so I might check it out and play just enough to stream monster and know what I’m looking at.


Look for a yu/Hyde team and a gord/ruby team

Check out the match at 4:13:00 where they face each other lol


Anyone know if the final game was different from the demo? If not I’ll probably just practice cross combo synergy with yu/Hyde or ruby/Hyde in the demo


Well, that looks nice and cheap. Getting boner. Maybe I will pick this game up a bit more than just AAAA in training mode. If a games not cheap anymore I’ve decided I don’t like it and can’t be bothered.


Does anyone know if gordeau has a command normal that’s an over head? I swear I saw one before but don’t see it in his wiki


I’d say this game is much closer to P4A than either of the other two titles even if the removal of the persona breaks and Awakening does simplify matters a bit comparatively. There’s also the lack of the Once More canceling mechanic as well, though all 3 franchises essentially had that kind of mechanic to some degree anyway.


Wasn’t gonna main gordeau, but with him having a command grab and an overhead that you can both combo off of during cross combo along with a gambit color, I have no choice lol.

Also want to test some things with yukiko during cross combos


Why is this game stuck as a side tourney at CEO when it has more entrants than a lot of the games


MVCI was outplacing other Hollywood games at events, but what can you do. What’s popular is what’s “popular”.


True but mvci is usually still part of the main games. Evo is just too esports nowadays


Top 8


from what I heard, it wasn’t released in time to be registered at CEO.


Makes sense.

I like how this game is evolving. Excited to see this game at evo. Sucks fenritti decided to take the dq. Dbfz is where the money’s at


This game needs more Marvel Heads playing it.