BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Some Marvel heads only play Marvel. Can’t get everyone into anime. With some rumors going around I’m holding out for more MAHVEL also.

Should start playing this game soon. Should.


Not everyone, I know, but people like Chris G, KaneBlueRiver, Justin and F Champ already played other games but I never saw them trying this out.


For one the game just isn’t Hollywood enough and those players want to be really really good at whatever they play. Hence playing something else that is not as popular just spreading themselves thin.


Fair enough. In the end I couldn’t expect this game to be mainstream anyway. The one willing to walk the anime path must also be willing to walk in the poverty path.


Punk was showing some solid play. Hope he sticks with it


The grand finals were dope. It was basically team neutral + big damage x team agression + sick setups.


Multi hitting moves are so good for cross combos since it can lockdown into character switch for some confusing mixups.

That’s why I feel yukiko might have some unfounded synergy to help bump her up the tier list a little lol


Kazunoko is streaming right now. Gordeau’s cross combo synergy is too good


People need to find cool setups with carmines super.

I know he won’t be able to do this in this game but check out the set up at :45