BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


is there no goto place for this game?
thought about dustloop but that doesnt seem to be the case.
reddit is the only other thing which comes to my mind.


When i finally get this game, I’ll probably be posting a lot in here lol


Just reddit and discord I think. Not many places to discuss the game anyway outside of there and twitter.


i expect to see this happens on evo too :crazy_face:


This game is gdlk


we will see how you really think about it when you actually bought and played it :stuck_out_tongue:
really curios to see how the evo top8 turns out in term of playstyle and variety.


I may have not played against a real opponent yet but i have labbed up in the demo lol


On Steam you can play the Game in the next 3 Days for free!
Just in case you want to lay your hands on it again before you purchase it.


It’s more of the fact that I don’t have much time to play right now, so just waiting for a price drop


Anyone got a good resource for how much different actions fill the resonance bar/levels? My understanding is most actions involving assists fills it, but I was hoping to find something that has figured out exactly how much everything adds.



Thank you so much


GCYoshi showing that time-outs in BBTag is a thing.


I saw that ROFL reminded me of FChamp Mags x Haggar


Seeing the lone Jubei blow not one, but two sure wins triggered me.


Awesome heiho made it to evo. He s the dude I’ve been watching the most for this game. Did kubo not make it?


Would be gdlk if gg is the 5th franchise


Grand finals were dumb as fuck. Heiho’s brain was so turned off he didn’t even realize he won.


The top 8 was hype. This game has so many possibilities with cross combos and characters switching, it’s not even funny. I sometimes I even felt that I was watching MvCI lol. @DevilJin_01 check this finals if you haven’t already.

Funny that a lot of characters that were considered top tier were left out of top 8, and only one DLC appeared (Yang). I guess that’s because the game is still super fresh and people stick with things that they know that works.


Yea I hope that they don’t touch the balance of this game for awhile. Too much synergy to explore.