BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Any good speculation about the new franchise? I remember some rumors about kill la kill which turned out to be its own game. Then I believe there were some data mining that suggested senran kagura characters. That doesn’t sound too far fetched to me.


Soooooo, Nine is hard as fuck, but she’s still fun, somehow. Gonna really try for a NIne/Jubei team.


Gonna stream for a bit in 5-10 minutes, trying Nine.


Only on the second match but this looks like some high level play


I’m loving the patch notes. A lot of people got buffed and no one got destroyed (apparently). Very good job by Arc Sys, I wish every other fighting game did this.


Only read some of it but this might be the best balance patch I’ve ever seen. Besides ruby getting some hurtbox nerfs and her 5a 2a string getting toned down, I pretty much saw all buffs


Waldstein got buffs ffs lol, I swore he had a nerf coming but I’ll take it!

Nine buffs may be very huge with the speed buff to teleport.

Jubei may have a damage boost too.


Koji kogs wald/tager team is looking scary as ever


I love how in this game big body team isn’t just viable, but also a good team.


Seems like some decent players in here


Top 16 of sea major is archived on jiyuna’s twitch channel if anyone is interested. There were some good matches.

If your a grappler player, you should be playing this game lol


Kojikog is a beast



Some good matches going on in here


Anyone in here still play this game? Just waiting for my copy to come in the mail. Hopefully I’ll be playing by tomorrow


I do.
Not a consolero though.


Any yuzuriha players in here? This is the best i got so far

Might actually get ps+ today to play some matches


Starting to get carmine’s dp punish combos down. Still not optimized but it’s crazy he can get over 10k solo with 1 bar


Top 8 coming up


i already requested this limitation to be gone. not sure if its possible…