BB Cross Tag Discussion: Fate of 4 Worlds


Damn, so apparently Naoto from BB is coming? Alright, Team Brawlers with Yang and Naoto can be a thing then. I might even pick the game up


Think I’m most excited about getting bbtag gameacho vids lol. Have a feeling the 5th fate wont be based of a something I like


Made a quick little synergy vid for a discord, might as well post it here


Uhm what is this supposed to show?


A guy was asking how I sandwich people with my team and asked about active switches, so I just tried to find some clips and threw it together


Oh you just wanted to show a bit of Cross Combo I see.

If you want a really funny sandwich. Try Es and Hyde. Es does her 5BB from one side and Hyde 4P from the other one.
Hydes 4P makes it actually hard to keep track of what Es might be doing.


Didnt realize there were patch notes out

Liking the jubei buffs




My brother is going to be playing BBCT forever now that Heart is in. Eltnam is the main reason he plays Uniel also.

I’ll have to check some of these characters out. Hope Hyde is as cheap as he is in Uniel.

Didn’t catch all of top 8, but what I saw was fun.


Hyde and cheap?
What dimension were you sleeping in?

Anyway, I already get PTSD from Teddie being in the Trailer. And they “teased” a 6th Franchise also.
Sheesh, wonder where this will go now.


Well i was only watching Uniel during the short time that he was top tier


Hyde has one of the best assists in the game and his 2b is one of the best anti airs in the game. He is definitely up there on the tier list. Mitsuru/hyde is one of the best teams and both of them didnt really get nerfed in the new patch so its going to be a dominant team, at least until the newly buffed characters get figured out or the new characters


He isn’t very cheap though, since his Mixupgame, especially on his own, is bad.
He is however really good at Space Control, specialy if you pair him with someone like Mitsuru or Es for example. Nine might work as well, she will definitly be a huge probleme with the new patch.


Pretty sure deviljin was talking about Hyde being cheap in his home games, and he is pretty buff in ST, don’t remember EL. Boy hits like a freight train. But speaking of cheap, I feel sorry now that you BBTAG players have to deal with Seth. If he’s even half the character he is in ST he’s gonna be a problem.


Cheap would mean something different he and Seth were both trashtier in Uniel.
And they’re somewhere mid-High in ST.
Unib Hyde was Unga, but they made him honest shotoboy afterwards.


Lol actually i was talking about Seth and fucked up and said Hyde. Forgot Hyde is the long sword guy.

I just realized i get them mixed up because theyre both boys with sharp weapons. Yeah Seth is cheap in Uniel and likely will be here too


Characters lose a lot of their od stuff from other games because the universal mechanics already give you a bunch of bs. However, seth is supposed to be a fast assassin so he’ll probably get to keep some of his cheap mixups lol