[BB:CT] Can't do Arakune's damn 6C loop!


I’ve read that you’re supposed to do it slow or something and that you’re supposed to piano the inputs. I don’t see how either of that would help…

How is 2b bug supposed to land if they’re already knocked down? Is it not supposed to combo or something?

And “2b bug”, that means hit 2b then release the button press for the bug correct? I can do 2b bug 6a bug over and over but I just cant get 2c 2b.

Thanks and “Yes” I know this game is going to be obsolete.


I don’t wanna sound like I’m stating the obvious but did you try asking the Arakune boards on Dustloop?


I did actually and I’ve yet to get a reply. Thanks for the tip though.


Just a heads up, with the changes to Arakune in Continuum Shift this loop may very well be different since you have to fill up your curse gauge before you can start shooting bees.