BB Friendly Teams

Me personally Ive had pretty decent success with BB (b) Tron (y) Sent (y)

IMO this is a pretty good marriage, Tron helps Bonnies rushdown game, setting up Cool Hunting with simple set ups such as>mk>tron>lp>mp>qcf pp, Flamethrower cross ups, and overall being that protective body when it comes to protecting Bonnie

Much like Tron, Sent provides great cover as BB tries to move in and stay destructive inside, and also providing a cover for her missles lag.

B.B. Hood-A / Juggernaut-B / CapCom-B

B.B. Hood-A / Juggernaut-B / Cable-B

Just devastating THCs… Hoodie Hood builds meter fast with Juggz.

Yeah I was messing with that a while ago when I was playing my friend. I was running “variations” of Team Z with BB.

BB (B)/ Jugg (B)/ Doom (B)
BB (B)/Tron (Y)/ Jugg (B)

they worked pretty well. If I was better with Jugg then it would of been alot better! lol

Its a cool team, and has a devastating THC. Of course, you have to have the right assist for it.
BB’s projectile, Thanos’ capture, and Anak’s cobras. Starting with BB, she has a nice 4-hit combo, which can be finished with Thanos’ bubble. Its lk,lp,lk,>hk (she does a small knee attack), then bubble. This is a cool combo, in which oyu can continue into BLAZING BULLETS!!!Ehem…sorry, or any other supers she has. You can also do her granny super relatively easy, just jab/granny (jab granny…LOL)
Playing Anak, he has a curse infinite with Thanos, in the corner though. lp,lp,lk,hp/bubble/jump/mummy curse, repeat if desired. I like to do it until I reach 3 levels, then smack em’ for a THC in the corner. MASSIVE DAMAGE!!! Not like BB/Juggs, but close enough. Also, it gives any team member time to heal.
Playing Thanos, well…Thanos is the power of the team, but is the least combo-oriented. So, you have to work with what he has, and stay mobile enough to avoid great damage. A combo I like, is his…well…I call it “Bouncing On Fire” combo. Cool, huh? You start off with lk,lk,lp,hp/BB’s projectile/then bubble/then fireball. Its funny to see them bouncing all over the place, then get burned all up at the end. If theyre in the corner, you can do that, and then quickly THC, (if you have enough levels…) great display of THC’s…L8

I’ve been playing some Jugg-B/BB-A/Tron-Y. I power up and switch to BB as fast as possible, then build meter and punish with THCs. I also have the Tron assist into super then DHC to Jugg for massive damage. It’s main failures are against Magneto and Cable. Mag rushes down in a way that makes power up and switch outs cost characters, and Cable has the AHVB for the same effect. Against most characters though, all that’s needed is an assist for cover/diversion.

I generally toy around with Hood/Sent for better coverage, help with missiles, and cool hunting setups (though trons setups are better)

I finish the team off with probably a respectable AA, usually capcom.

Team vidkill

Team vidkill is pretty decent with BB… spiral/hulk/bb

Just knives, chipping, trapping, and teleporting to build meter… then when you see an assist on screen A1+A2…

bb is also decent with gamma charge assist… call hulk to punish and just cancel into cruel hunting… once neat thing is hulks charge hits em up high enough that your top bullet stream will be hitting that char… and if point or assist is behind em… the lower bullet stream will get them as well.

As one of my two favorite characters, I’ve tried putting Hood on almost every team I could think of. I have a few favorites, like Hood/Storm (proj.)/ Capcom. Mostly runaway missiles and AA keep away, but for kicks I like to call out Storm’s assist and commando crawl under it to get in. This team is basically about playing safe until an opening appears through which I can land a Cruel Hunting and DHC Hail on an assist.
I like Hood/Juggernaut/Sentinel (ground or proj), but you really have to stay on the offensive with this one. The damage output is unreal though, so it really only takes one opening to get in the lead, much like with Vidkill.
For fun, dear reader, try lpx2 > THC with Hood/Ruby Heart(AA)/Iron Man. It can reach around 143 hits and deals something like 120 points to standing Sentinel. It outright destroys most characters.
I also dig Hood/Blackheart AA/CycloppsAA because BH assist stops jump-outs against missiles and can ground people you want chipped to death via Cruel Hunting, and Cyke keeps a lot of rush down from coming your way and sets up BH’s RH infinite so well (more guage for Hood).

If you’ve seen a certain jp player using Bulletta, you’d like Jug/Omega/BB

Iron Man is also a really good compliment to BB

my low tier team is juggs-dash/ken-AA/BB-proj

power up glitch into switch then it’s just runaway + projectiles + cruel hunting

Ken really compliments the throwing projectiles + runaway.

I’ve considered cammy to replace ken, but ken is stupid damage with air hurricane juggles.

I’ve started using a Vidkill adaption, Hulk/Cyke/BBHood.

Another good THC team, but I like having the choice of an invincible AAA to stop them chipping Hulk to death.


pretty simple megaman builds way too much meter


Spiral builds meter for BB to go cool hunting frenzy. Sent provides additional assistance with drones and can make a good stable towards last character comebacks/heroics.