BB. Hood Advanced can it be done?

i need some b.b hood combos and main strategy. she quite diffcult to combo alot of her moves i any one can help post it.

Hey today is halloween and i am feeling lazy. Tell you what i will post sometime on monday or tuesday.

Here’s a cool and effective combo for you. Jumping lk, jlk, clk,clk, cool hunting(qcf+pp). Opponent in corner, Jumping lk, jlk, clk, clk, low missile(hold b-f,hk), dash, lk, lk, super jump, lp, lk, lp, lk, double jump lk, lp, lk, hk pause, hk.

Ignore the above scrubbalicious post.

c.short x2 into cruel hunting is best combo, quick and easy but a bit tricky on timing. Takes practice.

You can do c.short x2 into f+fierce into cruel hunting, that’s easier timing wise but rougher joystick wise. It doesn’t really do any more damage easier.

Without meter, it depends exactly what you want. Do you want knockdowns? Constant pressure? Damage?

I have some very nice pressure combos With Hood, in fact ill probably have a pretty elaborate forum about how use her the way i have been in about two weeks, since she obviously has to play different against say iceman as opposed to ryu, but i have been able to come up with some new ways to play her. As far as i can tell, nobody uses Hood like i do, and i always get people saying dam i didnt know she could be used like that. Ill save all the details when i can back it up with combos and stuff, but as of right now I really dont call any of the moves by their proper names, and the explainations for them are a little bit more elaborate since they must follow a cadance at first, but basically it started when a freind of mine strated to get good with cammy, cable and wolverine, basically i could barely move or even get an assist out, so i did what any sensible scrub would do and i strated to give Hood breathing room with Dooms rocks. At first all i could do was fire missles and assists off until i had enough meter to mabey connect a cool hunting, but as i got my timing down better i started to play offensively in spurts until Hood got smashed by a viper beam. Any way To make a long story short, the protection of dooms rocks allowed me to experiment with ways to get meter the quickest with hood, and eventually i wasnt throwing a horizontal missle i was tossing a mine and at the same time charging for the 45 degree angle missle, which i realized reached every character at the perfect timing to keep them in block stun long enough for hood to come down and immediately go to a cool hunting which became a cheap little zoning tactic. Ill have a hell of alot better stuff soon since as you can see explaining any combo for me would take a whole paragragh right now. Any way The secret to learning Hoods versatility is in the cadence of the moves. I like to call it hippity- hop. she basically hops up and down constantly which allows her to not only be a moving target , but allows her to charge her moves up and down and do moves like machine guns and mines while she is charging every single time she hops up AND down. The concept sounds easy enough to be discarded as weak but, I assure you it is extremely multilayered. The best part is that this is a strategy not a tactic and proof is in the fact that i can now switch her game up from defensive chipper, to poking confuser, to trapper, to minor offensive prescense if cool hunting is timed right. Since i am really slow when it comes to translating combos, try this, stop trying to connect combos into arial raves and crap, and start thinking about how you can end all of her moves with the 45 degree angle missle into cool hunting when you hit the ground, because unless the opponent has super reflexes and telegraphs your move they will have to basically have to super jump as fast as can be done in order not to take the chipping damage from the cool hunting. of course there is the issue of the small characters taking only half the damage, since the top layer of bullets goes above them but, i garrantee those same characters small stature will allow them to be juggled into the cool hunting with perfect timing if the 45 degree missle hits them and beleive me if you time it right, most of the time they will be in such relief to not have a projectile or flame thrower coming at them every half second or so that they will try to dash in or jump up just as the down ward missle catches them. This actually takes a bit of practice since every character falls a little differently but luckilly hood can vary alot of her angles to accomidate these differences. Like i said it is gonna take me a couple weeks to get all this down on paper so it can be understood, so if you want to start learning Hoods timing better. do this as a training tool. Pick dooms rocks not for damage but as more of a buffer to allow you time and protection. and start to memorize the timing of pressing backwards and hk (not down and back since that takes a bit too much time for this) and then release an hk missle forward and always keep the missles low. Hopefully if you didnt realize this before you will see that the possibillities are very many esspecially when you add the canceling of moves like down and hp next to an opponent xx into horizantal flame thrower xx into cool hunting. In fact, if you learn the proper cadance it will basically look and feel like every move you do is being canceled in succussion until the eventual cool hunting chips or cuts through the opponent. Tactically im sure alot of this has been done before, but i have to stress the Word Cadence, because if used right Timing wont mean anything, What i mean by that is that people time their combos and stuff according to what the opponent is doing. B.B. Hood Doesnt need to concern her self with what the opponent is doing on any small scale, She is more then capable in the right hands of creating her own timing and dictating if the opponent can even move or not. As you can see i am rambling a bit, but only because i have just stumbled on some combo varations that are extremely damaging (whether the opponent is blocking or not) , are simple to do technically, and are very versitile against any character or team. Of course there is one major down side which is that constantly moving around and charging moves leaves one reletively open to hyper vipers and hail storms. I apologize for the length of this crap, but i garrantee that if your a Hood player looking for an edge, i have a few things that will definitely help add to your arsenal.


there is an enter button…

You just wrote a long lump of text explaining basically how Zaza plays BBHood. Good job, genius.

I’m not kidding. Zaza woud have written a 40-page FAQ.

You just wrote a long lump of text explaining basically how Zaza plays BBHood. Good job, genius.

Yo Dasrik, i was friggin explaining a strategy not tactics, plus i was tired. Im not talking about Hoods moves and combos,  for the past 5 months i have been studying her canceling variations.  She has some nasty ways of completely dominating almost anybody with the proper assist of course.  Anyway when i can put all on paper you will see exactly what i mean, im not exactly talking about combos here, infact its a little harder then just combos since alot of how to get these strategies to work has to do with how efficiant one is with the controls.  Alot of it takes perfect timing, and alot of practice, like any character.  Im sure Zaza or whatever is pretty good, im not arrogant or ignorant enough to think im the shizznit or anything but i have been doing my research and i have found some advantages about hoods canceling that ive never seen any veteren use.  The only way i was able to find this out in the first place was to stop using her flame throwers as keep away tools and to stop doing arial raves which of course should be used but make it almost impossible to see how her tiny canceling variations and charge timing can affect how quickly or slowly Hood can catch any opponent off gaurd even when all they want to do is block.  Again ill elaborate more later but i liken the way i play her to the way i use doom.  For chipping and zoning mainly, with spurts of strong offensive and runaway to catch people in traps.

Yeayea I know, I was just tired.

Uhhh… air super DHC into apple for you is dope.


Well dude it is pretty simple… either im lying out my ass for the cheap thrill of thinking people will admire my friggin screenname since some just might think i have some super secret massive ultra combo gamebreaker crap, or im telling the truth that i have some variations on her moves that alot of people dont know and ill have it in a ledgible and readable form like i said… in a couple of weeks. If i wanted to impress a bunch of noobs i would just make some variations of known combos and repackage it in a nice neat little f.a.q. so people like you cant rip me in a public forum… but i didnt do that.

          thanks for the feed back Duuuude.
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Yo Dasrik, i get the feeling that you like your ego rubbed by noobs, so ill indulge you here with a few questions…
(not being sarcastic)

  • Do you know of any infinites besides the corner one?

  • What is Hoods best assist?

  • What are some non-noob combos with her?

    Ill be checking your answers against my super secret massive online database of friggin godlike B.B. Hood moves. yes thank-you

well i have found that the best match up with hood is doom(aa) i recommend far as team wise is bbhood/sent/doom i use them even i the local scrub tourney’s for shits and giggles and in real good macthes bbhood/doom is a good defensive tool for the magmagicians out there but don’t get careless they will fuck u my main combo is hold f/d,,,,45 deg missile into the hunt its completely techable(if tech’d just do the horizontal missile mix it up slow and fast and dash forward[not on cable]) but if u want to play bbhood correctly in my opinion especially with doom’s aa its not about the big combos with that team its all about the long chip and lockdown that u can do if ur looking for the big extreme look for another main character because shes not it also i find to be effective is not really focusing too much on the character on the screen but the assist but don’t dart carelessly once again because mag’s speed and cable’s ahvb will have the last laugh i have alot more but i am tired of typing i will be back though

I have a guilty pleasure, I use Hood/Juggs/Hulk at times ( don’t remember the name, Team AK?)

Mags and Storm have a ROUGH time rushing down BBHood. I always try to keep them landing in front of me, and I am constantly dropping mines. At worse, we trade, but most of the time, I get a clean mine hit. My main goal is to build 3 meters while letting jugs & hulk get creamed. I could be wrong, but I think Hood’s df+rk is the normal that can build meter the fastest? Someone correct me on this.

If they call an assist, I immediately call jugs and jump at them with mine xx flame, which is sort of safe.

After I get 3 meters, it’s time to kill the assist. If you’ve lasted this long with mines xx flame and jugs/hulk assisting, you’ve probably worn down their point char some. With a foolish call to their assist, press 2 buttons and BAM! Assist gone & maybe the point as well.

Of course this team has it’s issues, but it’s SO fun to play.

If you meet these qualifications:

  1. Point char’s super starts fast
  2. 2nd char is jugs
  3. You have 2 or more meters

Then it makes certain normal moves punishable with the press of 2 buttons. Remember that!

Yes, it is Team AK originally pantented by me incognegro thanks for the recognition:D appreciated(ego deflates)

Ok now i like the little match u got going there but if i feel like this game is more team play then individual character strength so that team u have to me is garbage but keep it up if it works for u go for it but if i was u i would go with something a little more solid [Team AK(assist killer)bb.hood(aa)/sent(proj)/doom(aa)]

—ego deflates----

I agree the B.B. Hoods best partner is Doom AA, but with Hood on point and Doom AA as my main assist, the pace of the match can be kinda slow. Capt. Commados AA, IMO, puts instant pressure on people who think they have your strategy with Hood and doom AA figured out. With dooms rocks flying forward while hood chips forward and 45 degree angle downward, its only right to have an instant vertical assist to compliment the pressure. Im not real sure about Blackheart, since i dont know how to use him that well, but IMO Hood/Doom/Commado is too slow already.

Any suggestions about a quick start-up assist to compliment Hood and doom is welcome.

  1. No. I don’t learn infinites as a rule. My own reasons :wink:

  2. Alpha (smile & missile). It’s a sniper assist, does a lot of damage, knocks down and is fast. Zaza uses it to great effect, and it’s annoying as fuck. A really good assist to use in projectile rush.

  3. low short x2 into cruel hunting is the best combo, but if you have no meter, it really is up to you as a player. If you like secure knockdowns, then try to do an aircombo, but personally, I would go with just a sweep or a combo into molotov cocktail to keep positional advantage. It’s really hard to be where you want to be after flying screen. Also keep in mind that even though beautiful memory (HCF+KK) is not a good super, you can combo it off a low short if you’re fast.

Yo dasrik I’m just posting what I know, Residentevil asked for some combos and I gave him the 411, I didnt ask for your opinion.

You suck at Marvel vs. Capcom 2, so who cares what you think.

411 ?:lol: :lol: :lol:

don’t be so afraid of the truth fool.
maybe you needed an opinion.

Like I said I didnt ask for your opinion.