BB. Hood Advanced can it be done?

It’s not an opinion, the fact is you are garbage at this game and always will be.

Stop giving newbies your scrubby useless advice and SHUT THE FUCK UP when smart people are talking.

Damn Rick… don’t be mean. =(

Anyways… can BBHood fit in with Morrigan?

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BBHood is a good projectile assist. Morrigan could probably use it to help her rush, but it still is not really all that helpful. Perhaps if you really wanted a bit of a Darkstalkers team themed. But an all Darkstalkers team Does Not, I tried it.

I guess I’ll stick to Morrigan/Tron then. =(

… I am the peacemaker.


hey i really want 2 know how hard B.B.HOOD is cuz im just learning how 2 use her i would ask my bro (rick) but i dont want 2 bother him any1 who can help me with that just AIM or E-MAIL me otay thanx PeAcE OuT :cool:

P.S. rick if u can help try 2 get the sticks from jose OtaY

Damn Baby H you are lazy…

Who cares about Bbhood anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been playing with Buletta for well over four years now, ever since the game came out really, so I guess that grants me some worth in my advice on how to use her, or rather a description of how I use her. Pardon my lack of knowledge with the proper terminology, I rarely use them.

  1. Learn to charge properly, and as quickly as possible. See if you can land a two hit combo from a s.FK, or from when she lies down a bit and plops it out from her dress. ie: Mine -> Missle = Two hit combo.

  2. As someone already mentioned, s.FK is an odd, yet very effective anti air / anti triangle jump tool. So for all those offensive driven Mag / Storm players, just throw out a s.FK. They’ll actually manage to get a hit on you, only to have the delayed bomb knock them back out of it. Seriously, that little bugger will stop entire supers and much anything if timed right. Go ahead and test it out.

  3. HH causes insane chip damage. If you can manage to have the opponent receive the full blow of the super when blocking, then by all means do so, regardless of it not hitting. If you manage to hit someone with a j.FK in the air, throw out HH immediately after (and depending on the character) they’ll usually be in the prime position whilst blocking in the air to eat HH.

  4. Use charged FK missles wisely, they can sometimes catch your opponent off guard, especially when the view of the screen is elsehwhere. Timed right, it will knock Storm out of Hail Storm, even as she floats on up there. Obviously it’s not wise to do so if they combo it.

  5. Don’t try to play defensively with her, otherwise you’re pretty much stuck if someone controls themselves well enough. Just start shoving bombs and j. FP in there face with the proper coverage.

  6. HH can hit after a blocked FP rocket punch, but not a push blocked FP rocket punch, if I’m not mistaken. HH can also hit after Proton Cannon, cleanly.

  7. Basic, easy ways to combo HH:

-: s.FP xx HH
-: s.LP, s.LK, f.FK xx HH
-: s.LP, s.LK, f.FK xx 623 + FP xx HH
-: s.LP, c.FK, df.FK xx HH

  1. Use f, f FP and that sliding / slithering moves of hers when trying to be offensive or aiming to mix up matters.

  2. Her d, u.FP missle holds some worth too, but only when locking down and with the proper assist, otherwise the lag is too great to use otherwise.

  3. LOVE HER.

Again, my appologies if it isn’t typed out perfectly or if there’s stuff missing.


I also believe that Dr Doom aa is also the best with BB Hood. I use BB Hood/ Dr Doom/ Iron man, I also switch Iron man for sentinel sometimes but I prefer Iron man for a good Anti-air. About the 45 degree missile with the doom partner I also do that but after the missile is shot and before I touch the ground I charge for the forward missile. It does not really keep them down but just in case if they use a partner before they leave the ground or just dash forward they have to block or there partner will get hit. Also Beatiful Memory can be unrollable in the corner if you time a down HK just right, but it also depends on the size of the character. It won’t work on storm for a strange reason and it won’t work on people as heavy or big as Sentinel because they fall too fast after they are thrown into the tears. If you have the right partner like Iron with the right assist you can combo after the down HK.

originally posted by Dasrik
low short x2 into cruel hunting is the best combo, but if you have no meter, it really is up to you as a player. If you like secure knockdowns, then try to do an aircombo, but personally, I would go with just a sweep or a combo into molotov cocktail to keep positional advantage. It’s really hard to be where you want to be after flying screen. Also keep in mind that even though beautiful memory (HCF+KK) is not a good super, you can combo it off a low short if you’re fast.

When I practiced the low short x2 into Hunting, I thought I remembered it as Standing jab x2 into Hunting so I can get that to work and even sometimes for added damage do…
S. jab, call Ken AA, S. jab xx into Hunting.(Superfast) Ken doesnt have to be called in between jabs but its the only way I can get him to hit at the same time as the Super so that they lock eachother in to take the full Damage.
Dasrik I cant get the low short x2 into Hunting to work yet since I just realized that I read your advice wrong but ill try, and dam!!!
Beautiful Memory Comboed off a low short!! Jesus Friggin Krist!
You gotta be real fast to get that.

Any way a little off topic, if anybody gives a shit, as far as I can tell the best way to build meter with Hood is to jump in on an opponent with Hp machine gun and then immediately Crouch Hp machine gun( charging down and back into what ever you do next). They ussually will block the first Hp which is why the second one ussually works but if you can get the first jumping Hp at the right angle so that all the bullets hit, you will build meter as quick as anybody. Works perfectly on big guys like Sent and Blackheart.

EDIT After practicing for an hour or so the low short x2 into Hunting actually works really well, good move.

The low short into beautiful memory is a little bit harder to get but not as impossible as I thought. Also a very good move.

forward+rh lets you combo anything you want, cept maybe hyper apple.

Dasrik, i really shouldn’t get involved but maybe you should consider people bashing people like this is why people don’t post anymore. Even though they didn’t have the best advice, it still seems a little wrong to go off like that, that’s just me though, i just hope it doesn’t discourage more people from learning marvel or trying to help in the low tiers sections, which by looking at it needs all the help it can get.


random bb.hood-ness

i just started working at the arcade at my mall, so now i’m actually playing against people who aren’t my friends. and my team of bbhood(proj)/morrigan(anti-air)/t.bonne(proj. of course) has been faring decently. i still need to get used to using the arcade stick anyway…

easy way to cross some up… lay a mine with standing.HK then cancel right away into commando crawl (d,d,lk+hk). it’s very nice when you go around your opponent like that.

i like to jump in with the uzi while calling tronne projecticle assist.

a good OTG combo that looks elite(done anywhere on screen) is:
down lk, down lk, down hk… OTG down HK, weak basket (reverse hadoken) canceled into hunting super.

also. down lk, down lk, forward hp (or hk), grandma super

down lk, down lk, forward hp (or hk), kick molotov cocktail into hunting super.

Hey 'rik, I was toying with the thought of a Mega/BBH/xxx team, seeing as how Megaman builds meter really well. Do you think Commando AAA or Sent drones would fit the bill? If not, what are your recommendations?

4neqs- I’m no dasrik (if im being honest with myself, i’m TERRIBLE at this game) but i’ll give ur q’s a shot…

imo, commando aaa or sent drones r THE BEST assists for megaman… he can lock down using them with his fireballs/ rockball (check mm threads for more details)…

however, personally i hate capcom, so i’d recommend sent… although u wont have that great anti air assist, u should b able to lock down ur opponents pretty well, and u’ll have a great third character… plus hypermegaman-> cool hunting (or watever its called) -> drone super would prob look cool and do crazy damage :lol:

just my 2 centz

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think I’ll ditch Commando yet… a solid AAA is always what I consider in making my teams :lol:

hey negs, I’m new here, but I got a couple of tips for you when it comes to The Hood and Sentinel drones assists. I play team Robostalkers (Felicia, BB, Sent) and I use the drones assist. And I’ve been playing with The Hood since Vampire Saviors, so my tips are worth a read. With BB, you can create nice combos linking the drones, and the drones give her a good rushdown game, since they give her time to dash a couple of times in order to get close. But the best thing to do is to call in the assist while jumping in with either the Amazing Shot(j.hp) or the Roll & Mine( It keeps the enemy at bay, and helps you rush. And you can link the drones with a combo started by using the Amazing Shot.
Try this:

jump in with Amazing Shot, assist, c.lp,, c.lp, drones connect, dash in c.lp, c.lp, Cruel Hunting(qcf+PP).

Or if your opponent isn’t a good roller, try this:

jump in with Amazing Shot, assist, c.lp,, c.lp, drones connect, dash in,, dash in lk, Tricky Purse Cut(f+hp), Cheer & Fire(f,d,df+hk), cancel into Cruel Hunting.

In both cases, assist while you’re jumping in with the Amazing Shot. Also, depending on the distance between you and your opponent, you may only be able to get in only the first two hits before the drones connect. But try it out, cause it works, but watch out for those AAA’s while jumping in. I got more, but just experiment, and you’ll discover some yourself.

As for Capcom and the Captain Thunder, I can’t help you…

Btw while playing as BBH on point I tend to spam uf/ub+ j.roundhouse, usually after throwing out a missile and in conjunction with an assist. Is this bad? I do it out of impulse. :B


My favorite Bulleta team is Bulleta (proj.)/Cable (AAA)/Tron (Proj.).

cr. HK, cr. HK (call Tron) -> Cool Hunting will outright kill a character if Tron hits enough times. This combo allows Bulleta to hit with all 52 hits of her super regardless of character size as well.

Cable provides a full screen AA and of course his wonderful AHVB. He works very well with Tron as well (who doesn’t?). While up close: Standing HPx3 -> Call Tron -> Viper Beam xx HVB.

Anyway, back to team basics. This team is very anti-rushdown, provides cross-up capabilites because of Tron, builds meter like woah, and deals some pretty impressive damage. Plus, you get a pretty safe DHC (King Kobun). Anyway, it works well for me. I don’t see any real faults with this team.

I’d like any comments/critiques though.