BB is good tier for Cable?

my question is: have BB posibilities to win versus a good Cable in a match of 1on1, I need help,:smiley:

Hell yea she does. Cable without an assist is enough to take cable out np with BB Hood (If you know how to use her). Even when all hes got is his AHVB and J.HK. He can be punished for jump in with just your standing HK then do motion down down KK you go with the bomb so if they hit you they hit the bomb. His AHVB can be handle by just rushing him. I know what you are thinking BB Hood has no rush but she does have a Double jump and that can do alot.:rolleyes:

All you have to be is patient. The characters you should worry about are the ones oocopanied with Cyclopes AA. It really damages the BB Hood/Doom strategy if your not careful.

Be patient to gain meter then get a combo on him then cancel to super. You can do the d.lp d.lp xx Cruel Hunting but I think that at least a or d.lp xx Crueling Hunting is more practicle.

Watch out for the bitchy cables though, the ones that have Dr Dooms Commando T Bonne and use them often. I know alot of cables have those partners but I mean the ones who actually don’t care of using it in combos but really know how to use the combination of cable and the partner. They are a really pain when you try and jump towards a cable. Your best option is to snap the partner in and block damage the bitch.