I might end up with both in the future but for now I could only get one.

BB never really interested me before, however, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the game which sparked my interest. Deep system, top-notch netcode, and a variety of characters that play very differently from one another.

KOFXII and the other hand, I’ve eyed on for a long time. I never really played KOF seriously but I’ve dabbled in KOF 98UM and KOF 2002 a little bit. I wanted KOFXII to be the first KOF game that I would give extra attention to.

However, I need help deciding and would like some advice:

  1. Online - Which game to you think will have more online competition/players after KOFXII drops (for the 360 ,since I have a stick for it)? This is a huge factor in my decision since this is my only way of fighting others (no real arcade in the area, my friends don’t play fighters seriously).

  2. Longevity - Which game to you believe will have a longer life span in terms of popularity? You think BB’s novelty will wear off after a more established series like KOF releases XII?

  3. Learning curve of BB - I like the fact that this game is deep (possibly the deepest along with the GG series) but exactly how noob unfriendly is it? It’s not that I not willing to devote some time, however, I don’t have the free time now that I used to (married, daughter, life period) so will it take me like a full year just to be average?

Thanks for your help.



SF4 -1
Vampire Savior +1


I had the chance to play BB yesterday - 3 matches(all it took to decide for me). I did not feel the game. The charcaters, the moves, it just didnt do anything for me. Guilty gear/s were so much better in my opinion.

Pros: -Graphics look decent

Cons: -Shitty American voices
-Character design is meh, only one of the charcaters i thought was cool(that dude with
the white mask)
- Too much shit on the screen @ once (and i dont mean MvC shit)
-When hitting your opponent is hard to tell if you have landed a hit- too many things
on the screen might have somthing to do with that.

Verdict: Didnt do anything for me.

Im going to wait and try kof12 when that comes out. I’m hoping its not much different, mechanics wise from the other kof games.


You have the opportunity to try them out before you really decide. If you know how KOF plays, you probably have a good idea how KOFXII is going to play (I don’t know if they’ve overhauled it, I’m not a KOF player). If you want to try BB but can’t rent it or whatever, try GG. There are some significant differences, but at the core they are pretty similar in terms of how combos work, how movement is paced, etc.

When in doubt, YouTube.


Can’t really use that as a con since it has dual language. As does KOFXII actually.

To op: Depends on when KOFXII is out really. We’re told it’s late July but Ignition are famous for more delays.


lol…that can be a con :smiley:


Wait until the reviews come in before buying KOF if you are planning to play it online.

After the horrible job they did with the netcode of Garou and KOF98 i would be very cautious about buying another SNK game if you are mainly getting it to play online.


yeah definitely going to have to wait to see if kof12 has a good netcode


Damn, we can’t vote for both?
Guess I’ll give BB the nod since 1. it’s already out, and 2. it’s confirmed to have solid online play whereas it’s starting to sound like SNK doesn’t care about the netcode in KoFXII.


KofXII is pretty nice in motion, but everything else about the game is horribly underwhelming. Does that make it bad? No, of course not. Just not fufilling / engaging as it’s being regarded as.



You took the words out of my mouth.

But honestly, it boils down to personal preference. I’d say try both and pick the one you like more.


Nah I think if you make a good approach to it and read up on the mechanics and whatnot when needed, you can pick it up pretty quick, at least it hasn’t given me any real trouble. Actually, the promo disc has like everything you need to know on it in probably under an hour, lol.


I agree witht this sentiment. I played it and felt as if they focused so much on the presentation that the gameplay suffered. It didnt feel like a KOF game to me.


This again?


No versus threads?


Gleam of Force




If you’re planning on playing mostly offline, it doesn’t really matter, just find the game you are most comfortable with and play.

If you’re playing online mostly, then go ahead and get BlazBlue, as it is a reasonable assumption that KOFXII’s netcode will suck, seeing how SNK doesn’t quite understand internet tubes or why they need proper code to handle transmission through those tubes.


Post this thread before July 20th is kind of pointless.

But people flying and dashing in air just not much of a fighting game for me.


Buy both. It’s the fighting game way.