bb survey

I was bored aaaaaand so I stole this from the psn blazblue board. They won’t miss it. >…

XBL: (Your XBL)
Level: (Your Level)
Main: (Your main according to your D-card)
Preferred Main: (If your main happens to differ from what your D-card says.)
Sub: (Your sub according to your D-card.)
Preferred Sub(s): (If your sub happens to differ from what your D-card says. Add more if you’re subbing more than a single character.)
Ranked/Player: (Which one do you prefer?)
Do you challenge or accept challenges?: (Which one do you do more often? Accept or challenge?)
When you challenge others, who do you usually challenge?: (Level-wise. Do you challenge people around your level? People way above yours?Or do you challenge low-level players?)
What’s your opinion regarding the usage of Easy Specials?: (Self-explanatory. I’m talking about the option that enables you to do some “advanced” moves by using the right analog stick.)
Your own tier list from experience?: (Come up with your own tier list. PLEASE DON’T FLAME ANYONE REGARDING THIS. THESE ARE ALL OPINIONS.)
Who do you like fighting against?: (Self-explanatory.)
Who do you hate fighting against?: (Self-explanatory.)

You trrrryy sooooo haaarrddd
And got soooo farrrrrrr
But in the eeennnd, it doesn’t even matterrrr

You keep using that word but I do not think it means what you think it means.