BB T6 SFIV & Smash Tournament. Orange City, Fl - Weekly

Game Knights Video Game Lounge
384 Industrial Dr. Orange City, Fl

Sunday - BB:CT (PS3) & T6 (PS3)
Friday - SF:IV (360)
Saturday - Brawl (Wii)
Tatsunoko may be added with enough demand

Fees: $5-10* Door Fee**
$2.50 Tournament Fee

*$5 if you come before 8:00PM Fri/Sat $10 if you come before
**Game Knights is a LAN Arcade, by paying the “door fee,” you have free play on any consoles and games we have untill closing, plus any games you may want to bring, this door fee is not optional and is not tied to the tournament in any way, but it’s only fair to warn that you will be asked to pay to play.

Prize breakdown
1st: 75% of the pot (from the $2.50 tournament fee)
2nd 25%

These fighting events will be a limited run if you don’t show up to support Game Knights, GK’s primary focus is FPS, but the owners are giving fighters a chance so if you show up en masse, the possibility of bigger and better events in the future is very good.

I do not work at GK, but I have been given the go-ahead to post here and answer any questions.
Anybody planning on giving us a look?