Bb tournys at ten2gaming?


i am going to get to the point. Ive played BB at AI (arcade infinity in cali) and it was…different. but i loved it. anyways, i work at a LAN CAFE in venice cali and we just hosted our first sf4 tournament. So i was wondering how big the community for BB is in the greater los angeles and how many would be open for a console tournament in Venice CA. any input is greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately I don’t think Blazblue is anywhere near the popularity of sf4, so if you organize a tourney then make sure to get the word out well in advance and try to promote it as much as possible. There’s definitely a BB community in the area, but it’s small in numbers so it might take a lot of effort to get a good turnout.


There’s ppl, considering that the majority of socal BB players play at FFA (right in LA).

As for where to advertise, here’s my hint: Can I get some dust with a loop on it?


hopefully the winner takes pot instead of 100$ 50$ 20$… but hopefully soon you will announce this…


for the next tournament i am going to do 70/20/10 % of the pot.