BBB/Blitz/EFZ/IaMP/Monster @ Evo World


This thread is being crossposted to other fighting game forums as an interest check to see who would like to come to Evo World and play some doujin games in the BYOC room and perhaps arrange side events of some sort. Who’s up?


Damn, this makes me want to go to evo world to get some IAMP and BBB in. :frowning:

Sounds like an awesome time for those who play doujin games.


Hey yo, I’m interested in all of em besides IaMP.


I think the most important things now are:

  1. Confirming who is actually going for sure
  2. Finding accomodations
  3. Saying what you’ll be playing
  4. What kind of setups you’ll bring

I’m 95% sure I’ll be going because it isn’t too out of the way for me since I live in CA. The other 5% hinges on finding people to room with because hotels in Vegas are stupid expensive and I’m a cheapass. Unfortunately I don’t play half the games listed seriously but I’m willing to give it a shot… and I have two laptops and four pads available for people to use. :V


blitz and efz ooooooooooooooo

lets hope you know how to remove the 3 buttons held down at once shit on keyboard


BBB for me if I actually play it before then, heck I’d probally still play it even if I haven’t played it before Evo.

Oh I’m going for sure.

I can bring my DoA4 stick, and my laptop may be used for MBAC though.


Or you could learn how to play on a real controller… like a DDR pad.




i’m probably going, i’ll bring my PC and two sticks
i’ll have all the games mentioned but mostly i’ll be playing Monster and Blitzkampf ( and maybe BBB? ) because i absolutely suck at EFZ/IaMP :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m down for Blitzkampf at Evo world.


So does anyone have any rooming yet for details


I’ll be there for Maribato.


360 craZINess

I’ll keep in contact with you Bell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: