BBCPE Character suggestion

I’ve learnt Ranga and I somewhat learnt Azrael and Nu but I want someone who can apply pressure, mix-ups and be safe if they miss a mix up. I was thinking about simply maining Nu. Any suggestions?

Safe when you miss a mixup is generally a projectile covered mixup or a safe jump of some type. Litchi is always a good option or maybe someone like Bang. Nu is kinda safe, but CP is a really good version of Nu who will likely get nerfed in the next version as they have completely overhauled her in every version. Nu is easier to learn then Litchi though and Bang is even easier. I’d pick the one you like from those if your looking for projectile covered mixup.

How did Nu get nerfed exactly and Is she still good?
Also what are other projectile based mix-up characters?

Oh wait, never mind.