BBCS Button layout

Ive been playing with a stick for about a year or so.However I played BBCT on a pad because it seemed to be easier. With CS released i tried some of the combos in challenge mode and it was alot easier with my TE Stick. I’m just curious, what is your button layout on your stick seeing how we just need 4 buttons. And…this is a bit out of topic but, i’m having trouble with Haku’s 2nd combo in mission 4. I cant seem to dash(forward step) to hit 2B. Any help would be nice.(Havent played BB for about 7 months, forgive me :P)

There’s 2 default layouts for the buttons in the arcade version (going across the button rows):

Type A:

Type B:

I use Type A, but I think most people prefer Type B.

I myself use:

So that the middle button on the bottom row is Drive. Still not if I’m comfortable with this format but it made the most sense to me at the time. I wish I had as equal execution on a pad as I do a TE stick, because 4 button fighters just make more sense on a controller’s button scheme.

Really though it’s your preference on how you want to set up your stick button lay out. As for the Hakumen challenge I think Ragnas had a similar challenge. The trick I’ve been noticing for these challenges compared to having played a lot of SSF4 is in SSF4 speed is really important, but in BBCS I have to slow myself down to land a lot of things. So really my tip for challenges is to first watch the demenstration done by the computer(hit start to find it), so you can see the timing and try to follow it up yourself.

A good tip if the game wants a dash is to rapid cancel to give yourself WAAAAY more time to land the next step. So just hit ABC, then do the dash into 2B.

I use Type B. I just find it more convenient for me and removes temptation to spam drive with Noel =D

I was having trouble with that haku combo also. The idea is that haku’s dash puts him airborne (in CT it was frames 5-9 I believe) so you can input hotaru or 214C during the dash.

As for stick configuration, I use type A (D on the bottom row).

I started playing BBCT on a pad, so I still use it’s clockwise square layout now that i’m on a stick.


I use this layout on my stick

It is the same layout i use in Tekken too so i guess i am familiar with it


I’m thinking of switching over to ABCD, though. Just? I don’t know.

I used to use Type A, but I switched to Type B to be more consistent with other games.