BBCS:EX Netcode


Hi every1, I want to know how good or bad is the netcode of this game. Its like CT or CS?
For me the netcode of CT was better than CS.


Then it will probably be bad for you, since popular consensus is that CS has much better netcode than CT.

Or you could explain why you feel the CT netcode was better.



popular consensus was that CS netcode is shit tier and that CT was superior…

anyway, netcode feels about the same for me the hour i managed to play with it. will netplay a lot more later tonight.


CT use less frames of animation when playing online, lets say a 10 frames move just use 5-6 frames, but still the same move, so everymove is less info travel peer to peer, thats equal most fast response and less delay.

CS use all the frames of animation of the move. So that makes more info peer to peer, so more lag and delay.

Felinoter, feel the same as CS or CT?


That makes no sense. Why would the game even be sending data on animation frames across the pipe? Actions should be synchronized, not animations.

But hey, according to SRK, Blazblue netcode is so good that no one needs to go to tournaments. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its like SSF2T HD Remix, when you put the smoother connection you see less frames of animation to make a fastest response, or well you can call fastest synchronized.

If you play with people near you the netcode of CT=CS
But if you play around the globe CT>>>CS

But thats enought offtopic, please post if you feel the online is like CT or CS or better.


i was comparing CS and CS EXTEND netcode. CT still better than both, imo


That’s just visual faking it; They don’t actually send the animation frames over the connection. It’s just a different way of fudging the speed of the game to keep things synced up.

I’m pretty sure it’s not in Arc’s best interest to make the netcode less good over time.


Airk I didnt say they send the frame animation data was send. I said that a less frame game need less info to synch up, than a game with more frames. The 10 frames move was an example. Thats the explanation I read.

Thanks for your testimony Felinoter.


In that case, I guess I’m just not grasping your explanation. The number of frames involved visually shouldn’t make a bit of difference - only the rate of frames processed by the game.

Think of it like this. You have two games. One where each move has only 3 frames of animation: One that displays during all the frames of startup, one that displays during all the active frames. One that displays during all the recovery frames. The other game uses a completely seperate animation frame for every frame of action.

Now setting aside the graphical processing power required for the latter (which would apply equally to local and netplay), it makes no difference which of these you use from a netplay perspective, because when you push a button, the only things that matter are when the press is received and when each stage of the move finishes. It doesn’t matter what happens on screen during that time, as long as the startup/active/recovery are timed correctly. The game doesn’t sync up the visuals. The game synchs up the commands.


Airk I am not here to discuss why one netcode is better than other, i post what you ask and if you dont believe me or think I am wrong fine, but for me CT netcode>CS netcode.



i just realized that they brought back Custom Search from CT, if anyone remembers that



Freaking awesome!


From what I’ve heard the netcode is pretty good. Just keep one thing in mind: a good netcode will never fix a bad connection.


LIES! Anytime your game is laggy, it is ALWAYS because of the netcode! :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on guy, this thread have a lot of views, still just 1 person post his opinion, please post your testimonies of the netcode I wont bite. And please dont write something like “is good” or “is bad”, compare to other games to have an idea.



Personally I don’t feel much a change from CS > CS:EX, however I have had problems with inputs online in certain situations such as QCF/HCF motions and the sort. Also I tend to see more spikes on the network and periodic moments of 0 bar connections to EC players(I’m EC) where I usually see 2/3 bars, aside these random moments of network failure overall I haven’t seen much wrong with it. (The lag spikes get annoying sometimes)


this is better netcode than mvc2 on psn, and that was what i considered to be the best netcode of any fighter out so far.

idk about compared to the previous versions though


Echoing earlier, the occasional spikes are the only issue I have seen.

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Compared to other fighters I believe BB has the second best netcode next to SCV. Although I believe SCV’s buffer allows it to cheat a little.

It should also be noted that netcode will not fix a shitty connection.