BBCS2 Official Q&A

All Q&A’s are welcome here, anything from Character Match ups, Character specific, how to videos, tutorials, where to find good players, etc.

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My ideal characters are Makoto and Ragna, how do they match up with this new patch?

With the Faster gameplay and more aggressive style of gameplay they do exceptionally well, Makoto is faster than most of the cast, and if anyone tries to run away she has nearly limitless options to pin them down in midair or on the ground, numerous cancelable moves, overheads and lows that all lead to high dmg, she’s best suited to the floor, 6A AA 5B/5C Air unblockable might catch people off guard with those, 3C doesn’t quite go under everything like it did before so don’t abuse it, but it goes under a few new things… In the corner she’s OP any hit there you can finish with a 236A set the ball and force your opponent to neutral tech, if they tech roll the ball catches them and you get a free reset. She’s also one of the few characters that does well in the mid screen for high damage as well.
As for Ragna he’s generally the same as his CS1 self, only difference is inferno more or less got nerfed not as Invincible as it once was, 3C is techable on hit(for opponent) JC’able in hit, also Jump cancelable on block as before, so you can use it on block strings to keep pressure up by jumping afterward, Dead spike is + on block and takes a primer, good for corner trapping and preventing tech rolls once again like makoto’s projectile, Berial Edge doesn’t move as far across the screen horizontal wise as it once did, so no easy BnB mid screen, think of it as a combo ender unless your in the corner, it only combos in the corner, but at mid screen you can link Carnage scissor from it. To sum it up if you’ve played guilty gear or SF they’re almost the difference between Ryu and Akuma or Sol and Order sol in terms of play, both are effective at what they do, but have different methods of doing it. If you want the Tier list approach Makoto is S tier, Ragna should be B tier I believe, both solid characters, both exceptionally good and have good general matchups with most being easily winable, keep in mind that some characters can out range you, but closing gaps is something both of them are good at, just be wary of how you approach certain characters and approach certain matchups.

OK, how about that Taokaka. I want her finished. With Rachel. But I’m having a hard time.
I’m currently training against highest level AI opponent in training mode, but some pointers would be nice.
Or some really good matches on YT. I checked some on dustloop but there were some where Rachel got beaten up (which isn’t my plan) and others with a good Rachel player vs a Taokaka player that didn’t block. Not much gameplay there.

Biggest problem is where to counter. It’s hard to just take initiative (for me at least) 'cause she’s all over the place.
Where to counter, how to counter or how to take initiative. For example I start with George or Pumkin or Lobelia but with her triple jump she hardly touches the ground sometimes. Specific Rachel tactics (against Tao) or general tactics against Tao are all welcome.

With Rachel against Tao 6A is your best friend, the hitbox on that move is rediculous hits above rachel on both sides of her body, jC also has a huge hitbox and on CH you can get good dmg off it, even lead into a Baden Baden Lily, or take a simple 2k dmg jump combo, and if the opponent is smart and realizes that it’s unsafe to approach from the air against rachel they will try to approach from the ground, there you can use 5B and 6B as good pokes, make good use of the wind, even though kitty torpedo ignores the wind somewhat you can still control her motion, so long your on the ground the wind meter will continue to charge, you can use that to effect your opponents gameplan, such as blowing them towards you faster than they anticipated and using 6A, a friend of mines does that a lot to my Hakumen if I plan to j2C him and it works pretty well, as for Lobelia I’d say reserve them for pressure when close using A to keep Tao from jumping or attempting 2D as it would result in a hit or CH, also Tao’s who drive spam a lot or jump a lot her aerials aren’t the greatest and she can’t really take people out of the sky very well either 6A is her only AA and it’s not even that great so keeping your opponent off their game by jumping a lot or doing what they don’t want might help as well. All in all I’d say use the wind to your advantage, keep 6A ready, 2C might help if you can use it at just the right moment, and jump C is a good stopper if they like to do that D cancel C in the air that makes Tao go up slightly when they go for a cross up. I’m not much of a rachel player but I do know about some of her tools that work really well against airborne opponents, also the pumpkin leaving it out might intimidate some people from moving when it’s near them since you can move it at will when they do something. Hope that helps somewhat, Tao can be a pain just gotta figure out how to lock them down, most Tao’s generally don’t block and always wake up Distortion when they can.

um this question may seem out of place but, where can i get cs2? is it just for psp? i looked around if they have a console version is this true? please be easy on me, i just got the game yesterday lol and i heard cs2 was free lol

If you want CS2 on console, then simply buy the game for 360/PS3 and boot it up, it’s a free update patch that applies all CS2 balance changes to the original BB:CS.

im really sorry for asking dumb questions, so i got cs, and the patch instantly turns into cs2??!?!?!?!! just like that? not like capcome charging ppl 15 to upgrade to AE? lol

Yes, it’s a free patch. It is automatically downloaded and installed. You don’t have to pay or do anything. Just start up the game.

thank you so much!

oh wait! i just downloaded ver1.03 when cs2 is ver. 1.05 and i cant find it ion the xboxlive game add-on section!!! i did what i u said but nothing happened!

CS2 is ver 1.03 (it’s listed as 1.03 when you look in the Options menu).
Easiest way to check if you have CS2 or not is to pick Tager and see if you can delay his forward + A attack by holding down the button, because that is something Tager can only do in CS2.

In other words, it’s supposed to look like this.

Notes: It won’t have ANYTHING that identifies it as CS2, because it’s kindof…not. It’s the balance changes from CS2 only. All the CS2 “branding” like the title screen, intro, blahblahwhatever WILL NOT APPEAR. Do not expect it. It will still just say: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. You also will not get any of the DLC characters without buying the seperately.

But yes, Arcsys/Aksys are doing folks a really good turn here by making all the balance changes available for 100% free, instead of forcing you to buy DLC characters you might not want in order to play a properly balanced version of the game.

How to CS2: Pick Bang. Do Fire Punch. No Wallbounce? CS2. (Depise Arcsys for that…)

I’m hoping they might offer the whole CS2 Package for 400/800 points, Including the New Timer, opening, title Screen ect. (With Characters, 2400)

This is more of a technical question regarding the game than the actual game itself. I’m not sure why Xbox has their updates set-up in a way like this, but when I download additional characters do I need to keep both the system data ver 1.01, 02, and 03 (which is over 760 MB) as well as keep the DLC for Valk, Trinity? Or can I just erase system data 1.02, and 1.03 and keep the 2 characters and Makoto (which is sort of smashed into system data 1.01) instead?

I dont see why you couldn’t erase .02 and .01 and keep 0.3 To be honest.

But, To be safe id keep them all, 5/6GB for a full game isn’t that much.

News on Relius Clover being the next playable character in the PSV version of BBCS2 will probably offer us another update to our current discs, or a new disc, check dustloop for more info, we’ll probably see more info on that come winter or spring of next year for console owners.

Also @super, you need to keep the system data, it has the character information included in order for the characters to be playable/show up online, if you could delete them patch 1.03 would have been 1.4gb on it’s own so a gb isn’t too much to worry about.