BBCSEX or KoF 13?

I can really only get one of these at the moment (both do greatly interest me). I have dabbled in BB before but never got around to playing 13 (though I have casually enjoyed the older titles). I know its never best to play online but for those online matches I can get, I hear BB has a solid netcode while KoF not so much. But I feel like KoF is getting pretty popular while BB never peaked and is slowly declining.

So considering both games look very interesting and I’ll get them both down the road, which one is best to get now and grind my teeth on a bit. I have played FGs very casually so I got a lot of work ahead of me in the skill department.

If you’ve only played fighting games casually I would recommend BB. It’s more geared for transitioning casual players. On top of that it has solid online. Whereas you really won’t benefit from playing KoF(at the moment at least) unless you have a scene that you can play on a consistent basis.

Get KoF on PS3 so I have somebody else to play with.