Bbest way to input target combo-> shippu?

im having trouble wit it.

quickly push strong then fierce while holding forward if you see them hit do a fireball and quickly do another fireball and push kick.

This works because somehow certain attacks can be buffered and give you some extra time. At least it feels like they’re being buffered.

it’s better to learn it without the fireball. Because if you get into the habit of fireballing and you continue to follow through even on block, the fireball is easily parried --> you take damage.

It’s better to learn it. Strong, Fierce, xx shippu. Hit strong then fierce and then do the super motion and strum all three kicks. Experiment with the speed of the 2x qcf to see what works best for you.

Its not that hard as well to see the target hit then fireball super.

Although target->fireball->super does one less damage point (who cares) it makes it a lot easier to confirm.

It’s mostly practice, really. I had a hard time doing strong, fierce, super when I was first learning the game. But after I put into some time to lean the game, it’s become one of the easiest combos for me to do. I always thought people used to fireball to give themselves a larger cancel window, but I guess it makes it easier to confirm, too. I find that I don’t need it, but whether or not you use the fireball really doesn’t matter so long as you can consistently confirm and land strong, fierce, (fireball,) super.

If you can’t it at all but You can do it with fireball then do it for punishing.
But then you should really be doinh HP, Mp Shoryu xx shippu.

Mp, Hp motion really fast Thenk drum kicks if you see hit.

For me, I never do the motion too fast, So I don’t have to drum the kicks… But thats just me.

thanks guys.

yea, i wanna learn it without the the hadou. so i guess its just timing then? i was trying to figure out where 2 do the 2x qcf’s. i was trying to buffer it while doing mp->hp. so mp->hp, 2x qfc, drum kicks. got it. thanks again

no no no no, if you’re going to do be doing it without a hadou then you definitely have to buffer unless you’re able to do two qcf in less than a second. You really only need to buffer one, so that if it hits you can just do the last one and drum.

I don’t buffer it when I do mp, hp. Step up your game kid.