All I can find is:

Jumping RH>standing strong>Jab Flash Chop
Jumping RH>standing strong>EX Flash Chop
Jumping RH>standing strong>EX Knee Smash

Back+Fierce>EX Elbow Slash

Elbow Slash> Super Art

Anybody have anything else?

Jump in fierce>Standing midkick>Boomerang Raid

I know one but its only on an crouching oppoenet and if they get stunned on the first hit :lol:

Informal terms

1.Jumping in fierces links to:
2.Standing close foward 2-in-1s to:
3.Strong slash links to:
4.Standing strong 2-in-1s to:
5.EX Slash.


to link steps 3 to 4, you might need to walk closer to the oppoenet.
step 5 doesn’t have to be a EX slash, it can be a jab slash.
do to the required conditions, after the combo, the oppoenet is stunned.
do to the required conditions, this combo is not pratical in battle.

Yeah I remember a combo like that. Mopreme showed it in his 3s Encyclopedia vid. It starts off with those settings as you said…crouching opponent and I think the guy had to be stunned on the first hit…not sure, it’s been a while. But basically it was:

Jump in HP -> Close Standing midkick -> Strong Flash Chop -> Close Standing Strong -> EX Clothesline and cancel the first hit into -> Boomerang Raid Super.


By the way, I don’t think its considered a BnB if it has a super in it.

well …

Jump in HP -> Close Standing midkick -> Strong Flash Chop -> neck choke(6-9hits) ->KX-> Boomerang Raid Super.

more nuts … ( but is it possible ?)

what are BB’s

I thinkk I got is it Bread and Butter?

Only works on Urien, and I think Hugo. Not worth it.


(late close) RH–>Standing Fwd–>EXelboSmash XX(if applicable)

(late close) Fce->Standing Strg–>EX Kneepress.

best BB that is most useful, is parry Forwards. it opens up huge opportunity. Can anybody post something on croching strongs?

And can you link his croching feirce sholder in a combo?

his crouching fierce shoulder can be used in a combo but only from the first hit… you can finish it off out of two ways…

1- w/ Ex or regular dp+ kick in any zone after the shoulder hit


2- while in the corner, hit w/ a st. Strong -> EX dp+kick for a quick juggle

Second applies while you want to take them out of their aerial gymnastics, which altho Alex isn’t fabled for, but can do enough damage to everyone…

Just finished testing out some BB combos during CF and Flushing exhibitions. Here’s what I know so far.

Late J. Frce:

-> Back+ Frce. (can only hit second hit while opp is standing. Great stun and damage for two hits)

-> s. fwd to either ex FC, Elbow, or even dp+kick

or to Boomerang Raid from either ex FC or elbow just like the other guys showed

(…Now One cheap fob BB is…)

: d. jab, s. jab- SA2 (after the jumpin)

as for thedude’s combo being possible, it can be done w/ urien…Q…Hugo…and some other chars if done wickedly fast…Tho not worth it since you’ll be open after it, recommended if you can do it while they’re dizzy…Can give ya brownie points…

More discoveries on the way…

Yeah, I pretty sure BnB is Bread n Butter. Its any combo without a super.

Anyway… SAII is his best super by far

I think the SAIII is the best but there are certain characters that I would not use it against. For instance don’t use it on Ken and Makato and maybe Oro but it works great against Yun, Yang, Hugo, Urien and pretty good againt the rest.

Not on all characters and certainly not worth it. Anything with neck choke is never worth it.

jump in > forward > ex or jab chop
jump in > forward > ex knee chop >

antiair combos: xx ex knee
c.hp (1 hit) xx knee

and most decent players can jab or dash out of a stungun setup.

good times to use sa3:
when a ken/ryu throws an exfireball
when they’re jumping in, time it so u land at the same time
u land a hit in the air and he flips

other setups like chopxxstungun is used too often

Jumping Hp, close mk, hcb k.

technically it’s not a combo but you can sometimes catch people with it. As long as they don’t duck the hcb k or something.

And what’s wrong with hyperbomb? It’s easy to connect for the most part

Using the HB correctly is not using it!

This isn’t some Buddhist phrase, just the truh with Alex. Use the HB as a way to keep your opponent away from you. I found the intimidation it produces is crazy. Plus, if you do EX moves (elbow slash or rising knee smash) as reversals you can really fake them out. I found using a standing forward kick to produce a jump in works great with an EX knee smash, though results may vary on seasoned players.

You’re a fucktard.

(new challengers) old school combo: land stungun head butt, then fierce chop, jab chop and add jab power bomb. This is my creation of the first time he said " You can’t escape" because it is the nasty of nasty 50 /50 set ups after you hit the STGBH. If they try to jump away from the jab power bomb then they will be holding the joystick in the upback angle preventing a good reaction parry to be avalable to them and they will eat the rising knee, and if they stand there they eat another jab power bomb.

Hitting stun gun head butt has it’s rewards. :wink:

you can only hit good players w/ your stungun one in a million times thou…then you get the REWARDS!:stuck_out_tongue: