Bc Console Tournament

There will be a console tournament Saturday July 2nd – its already been posted on the 604 players board but I just thought I would post up in here for any last minute peepz that might want to show up.

There will be a 3s team tourney

A super turbo Singles tourney

And Cvs2 Standard format tourney

Cost is 6 dollars a game 2 dollars double entry

The third strike will be a two man team tourney

Its being held at Tao’s party room for directions PM me



I am personally requesting all UBC players reading this to show up to this tournament. You may have never entered a tournament before and may be hesitant to pay 6 dollars, thinking you have no chance of actually winning the tourney. However there is always quite a bit of free casual play before, during and after the tourney, and it is worth the price alone to simply watch the final rounds of every tournament and to simply be part of it.

This also goes for everyone who shows up at Johnny Zees or Movieland now and then who reads this board. Especially those who play Marvel, Hyperfighting or Superturbo, we will have the best players in BC representing on those games. Show up and introduce yourself, you’ll improve drastically as a player just by watching the competition.

Send a PM to KenMasters to get directions. You must enter at least one tournament to attend.

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I’ll join Chris in the Team Tourney for 3S if it’s after 6:30. And if I can use someone’s sticks 'cause I don’t got one.

I also want to join the ST tourney if you guys can arrange that one later =(

didn’t want to make you guys delay the 3S tourney, but I’d come if i can still at least play ST and 3S team.

holy shit




Tao, that reply made me LMAO OUT LOUD

can’t tell if dis mothafucka’s serious
but regardless

lol 5 replies now


hahah this tourney will be bombsauce dont worry haha delay 3s until 630??

yah that is a possibility as long as no one complains we can do CvS2 and ST first

and have 3s as the main event im totally down for that.

im going

and im gonna take 3s

a few last minute questions here

what’s the schedule for each tournament? i have to check my schedule for tomorrow before committing to go or not. Also, are there gonna be many casual matches? i’m planning on not winning a game in the tournament and hope to make it up in casuals.

does that mean double entry is two extra bucks and therefore 8 bucks? i’m retarded.

KenMasters: can you PM me the directions? thanks.

remind to those coming to the tourney

bring what you can

ps2 sticks

tvs etc

so far one more tv and one more ps2 would be nice with spare copies of cvs2 3s and st thanx!

yes if u want two entries in 3s for example u pay 8 bux yay

and yes show up at 230 there will be casuals until tourney start time approx 3-30

also casuals after tourney

630 seems kinda late for me since i’d be going exclusively for 3s. i could show up after 4 but if there’s no casual 3s then there’s a bit of waiting around. But don’t let a scrubby lurker like me influence any of the scheduling.

sorry tariq, can’t make it. got an airplane departure, a movie, and a bday bash to attend to.

i’ll show up at rush late night for a couple games if anyone isn’t sick and tired of 3S by then.

Can anyone pls post a quick reply as to where it is? I would like to go and bring a T.V the corner of the street names would be fine

great tourney guys

yet again i am amazed at the prowess of our top players and the ability of our lesser known boys to improve at such a drastic rate really good time the sandniggers locked it down but the china vagina managed to pull out a victorious onslaught.


Tao 1st
Mazdak 2nd
Mazdak 3rd
Tariq 4th
david + chris f 5th

Super Turbo
Chris f 1st
david 2nd
Tariq 3rd

bah lost the brackets for ST and CVS2 doing from memory

Tao 1st
Kosta 2nd
Ron or chris 3rd i dont know

hahaha the great china vagina


maxine who? chris F what?


major props to bernie for actually cheering on for me in the finals and shiet

and i’m sure chris F was cheering silently hehehehehehehe

I AM THE GREATEST!!! stupid koost took all the cvs2 money!
chris F didn’t get shit for winning super turbo!

Thanks to all who showed up for the tourney. What have I been saying people??? There are plenty of 3s players in BC !!! That was like 1/3 representation there, if that. Next time Miguel’s gonna be there I personally guarantee it.

  • No more double entry, ever, EVER again. Period. On any game.

  • Nobody showed for CVS2, it might as well have been Tao vs. Koost money match. Good luck in T6 you guys.

  • Good games Bernie at Marvel. You are really difficult to play against when you use the D pad.

  • Tao and Mazdak you guys were on a different level than the rest… impressive finals Tao, you are indeed best in BC at 3s, without a doubt now. I really think you’re gonna do great at T6.

  • I realized I need way more experience in 3s… I have a long ways to go. I guess a positive is the only guy I lost to was Mazdak, and that at times I was able to fare well against him. I learned a lot from our matches.

  • Good ST matches David… now I know your name finally. And Tariq that was some nice work sending me to losers. I’m glad to see you get better on that game.

  • It was good to see the improvement the newest players Len and Ryan have been making. 2 months ago these guys couldn’t even block…

  • Ron and Koost you guys are good at 3s, you should keep playing it… I had to pick Necro to take Ron out after he beat me in Ken vs. Ken.

  • Nice to meet you Hanzlore and Gian… solid Makoto and Urien you guys have, we’ll play at Rush soon enough.

Yeah speaking of Rush, we might as well start going there more… Keni, do you ever talk to the guys who manage Rush??? A few things that could really help:

  • Slow down the timer on 3s and tone DOWN the damage. They are NOT on factory setting, which they should be.

  • Second Impact needs to be set back to ONE credit, since a credit is 50c already.

So again thanks for showing folks, thanks Tariq for running it, thanks Tao for the party room.

“Good games” to all, which means YOU ALL SUCK!!!

yeah the double entry causes problems. slows the flow of advancment. it took along time to actually finish a player off permenently.
I knew that I had some ways to go still with my game, so I wanted to just concede but since I paid for my spots I played them anyway.
i got some practise out of playing, but i dont think its fair to make others wait to play needless second…third…fourth…fifth chance matches when everyone could agree im the worst. i think single entry decides whose really the best player well enough.

and i was not that upset really that i had to face i think it was all uriens. i didnt want you to pick ryu tariq. the reason i was like that was because i saw futility in my matches after a point.
im not delusional. i can tell where im at just be observing others play from the back. :karate:
but i did win my share of rounds. heh heh

and I wanna say thanks, now i know what characters i need practise on the most now.

lol damn i’m gonna be like chris F cuz he’s like being nice and actually talking about the people

when i look back, the ONLY players i have played against in third strike were the players i went up against in the tournament

i believe they were… len, tariq, max, david, max and max

is that right?
which means i didn’t play chris, didn’t play hanz or gian… no koost or ron… am i missing others??

i wished i had more third strike rounds but i seriously wasn’t expecting to play as well as i did… i guess those 100-1 money matches i had in marvel really spiced me up lol

thanks especially to the hanz/gian brothers for bringing their TV. thanks to other people who showed up like ryan and david

cvs2 was bombsauce hahahaha

and i am SOOOOOOOOO glad you guys agree… DOUBLE ENTRIES SUCK SHIT!

edit: lol forgot to thank tariq for being such a moron and sucking shit so bad at organizing shit… but then again, it IS tariq and i guess he can make mistakes hehehehehhehehe

and yeah, max is hella good, that akuma really fucked shit up in the winner’s finals… i won that last one cuz i helllllllla did random awesome shit… i’m glad to see i don’t get raped by that homo necro anymore though, that guy is CHEAPPPPPPP

lol peace out my NIKKAS!!!

i’ma win T6 for all y’all!

i thought tourney was alrite. it was pretty fun and thats wut matters. someone gotta teach me and koost more characters in 3s. im just losing cuz ive never seen the mixups. i fell for every single mixup from tariq’s urien haha. well i got my revenge by ocving his ass in cvs2 tho haha so i guess it works the same way. man i left too early, i forgot that i really wanted to play some ST casuals.

tao, good luck at T6 dude. tourney seems hella fun. too bad nothing on console, like if cvs2 was console mayb i’d go. oh yeah… RON OWNS YOU at money match MUAHAHAHA… j/k

You know what guys??!?!??!?!!?

I got a car!!! Finally I have a way to come up there. Plus I have a friend visiting from the east coast and he is relly good at cvs2. Let me know when a good time to come up there is.