BC on 360

Hey guys,

The Backwards Compatibility list on xbox.com hasn’t been updated since Nov '07. Any chance they’ve added some of the older fighting games to the list and simply haven’t shown it on the web yet?

Specifically I’m looking to go round of a copy of CvS2 for Xbox. Anyone know if it works?


I’m not 100% sure, but there was someone selling or trading their Xbox version of CvS 2 in the Trading Outlet last week, because it did not work on the 360. :sad:

I’ve been told before that it “works” however, it is super super buggy. Don’t take that as the final word though, because I haven’t personally tested it to be sure.

There hasn’t been news on a BC update in months, and if there had been an update, every gaming news site would’ve noted it. So probably not.

Popped in my Knights of the Old Republic, and it still doesn’t work.

I don’t own a ps2 anymore so I was hoping that I could get some cvs in…apparently MS doesn’t give a crap about BC much anymore. It would be nice if they devoted a team to it.

Capcom VS SNK 2 is not BC with the XBOX 360, so dont get it, and also im not sure is MS is going to keep Updating the BC list.

Sr. you are talking about MvC 2.

I think I read somewhere that they were officially done adding titles. Its a shame really but its one reason I’m glad I don’t get rid of my old consoles.

From the very start I was hoping for CvS2 BC. MS shattered my dreams :frowning:

I sold my old ps2 ages ago and have been contemplating picking up a new slim just to be able to play some of these games. I have accent core on Wii and 3S on 360. The Samurai Showdown Anthology will be out on Wii as well. Unfortunately CvS isn’t enough justification to spend the $100…maybe with a price drop. :frowning:

microsoft stoped doing BC. or they are still winding it down. the latest list is what is going to be working from now on.

From what I’ve heard they’ve ceased any and all work in the BC area, bit of a waste of resources really. Although some people may utilise it, I guess.

You’d be better off buying a cheap 2nd hand Xbox, I’ve still got like 5 lying around here, you’re bound to find one somewhere.