BC on ps3

Ok, I just wanted to make sure all the reading I did here is correct.

SFAC will run on my ps3 but I cant use my hrap3 only sixasis or ds3…is this correct?

IF that will not work then can I use an hrap2 w/ pelican adapter.

You can use HRAP 3. Or use HRAP 2 with Pelican.

And what version of PS3?

Your HRAP3 should work fine assuming you update the firmware on the PS3. Personally, I don’t own SFAC, but I’ve played CvS2, Arcana, GGX2, World Heroes Anthology, just to name some of the more recent ones, with my HRAP3, and they work fine.

I have a 60gb PS3, in case you’re wondering which model.

If you’ve got a Pelican and an HRAP2, you should be fine with that too.

I’ve played SFAC on a 60 gig and it worked fine. And according to the link below (just enter the game title) it has no known problems with the 80 gig version of the PS3 either. In terms of what controllers you can use, HRAP3 will work fine, as long as you update your Firmware (since older firmware has had issues), and HRAP2 w/ pelican will also work great, since that is what I played the game with.


BC works fine if you’re fine with having input lag(slight).

I believe as of a firmware update months ago, you can get PS1/PS2 games to just output the plain ol’ 480i signal. Disregarding any (upscaling) lag from your TV itself, does this not eliminate all delays? Is there still input lag even then, just because it’s partially emulated or something?

I have the game… I have a HFS3 and it works fine.

PS3 BC buffers ~3 frames of video on all output resolutions now, even 480i.


thanks guys for clearing that up. I guess the threads i was reading were old.
Because someone had a thread title “i just got my hrap3” on these boards and it appeared in that thread that the hrap3 didnt work with third strike on ps3 only sixasis

Basically, I have a 40gb ps3 but have regrets not having a bc ps3, so I want to get the mgs4 bundle next thursday so I can play thirdstrike. I bought a ps3 to play sf when I had read about sthd and sf4 and jumped the gun not taking that into consideration. I was more of a st player back in the day, but i feel like ive been missing out on thirdstrike all these years.

Or maybe i should just get a ps2.

I’ve asked myself the same questions. I already have an xbox 360 and a wii so i’ve been leaning toward just buying a ps2 and a few of the older fighting games. Most of the stuff on ps3 is out on Xbox 360 so its sorta “the same system” to me. Other then the Socom series most of the exclusives on the ps3 don’t personally interest me and most of whats been released already has been a horror show.

With BC being the crappy on the system unless you have a 60gig…buy the ps2.

Is this is true regardless of whether you have the original 60 GB model (which has the PS2 EE chip) or the newer 80 GB model (which uses software emulation only)?

If so, it doesn’t affect PS3 games, does it? So games like HD Remix and BlazBlue will work fine on PS3 without input lag, correct?

So it lags three frames regardless using bc. Does this apply to both 60gb and 80gb?
So a reversal dragon would have to be timed earlier. New to this console stuff.

Ugh, that’s absolutely brutal. Thanks for the head’s up, man!

The Emotion Engine models (20 and 60GB) both exhibit the 3 frame buffering issue in BC mode.

I’ve never tested the BC on an 80GB model, but with this one, you have to worry about emulation issues–that’s not even considering the fact that Sony has pretty much dropped BC emulation support already. I don’t imagine it would be any better, but if you’ve already got an 80GB, it might be worth trying the Guitar Hero 2 test.

This lag is ONLY in BC mode, so games that are designed for the PS3 (both download titles and Blu-ray games) all work perfectly with no frame lag. Bear in mind that the PS1 titles you can download from PSN run in BC mode, and are therefore susceptible to the same lag.

cool thanks for the info poonage!