BCC First CvS2 Results


1st - Eric (JS Master)
2nd - Ian (Arcade Legend)
3rd - Maiwand (Majin Ryu)
4th - Derek
5th - Calvin (The (1)ne)
5th - Pete (Dr. Elephan)
7th - Anant (Anant)
7th- Justin (Nagata Lock II)
9th - Ken (Sauga)
9th- Tony (L.S.D.)
9th- Karan (Jikorocker)
9th - Matt (Ex_Matt)
13th - Jason (Gerjay 2001)
13th - Bryan (Jiggabry)
13th - Josh
13th - Shumayel (Shumayel)
17th - Teddy (DaflipmastaXV)
17th - Chris (DM)
17th - Ed
17th - James (Crazy Penguin)
17th - Ed (Pain)
17th - Gandhi (X-Pac786)
23rd - Terry
23rd - Steve

Good games to everyone :slight_smile:


Great tournament.

Sauga didn’t come last :stuck_out_tongue:

Bry owned up. Almost beat out Tony.


Honest to God, Bryan could’ve placed soooooo much higher than he did. After Calvin’s mega cockyness, all Bryan had to do was hit one Super on Calvin at one of FOUR different mistakes to take that match. Then his match against Tony he gets roll throws SIX TIMES! He could’ve thrown him all around all the screen and eliminated another STC player. That’d have been jokes.


I played as more games than Anant and Gerjay and I get 2nd last, scammy brackets

I want byes next time

Bry is my hero


er… i though u guys didn;t have time to finsih. hear there was like 11 player left
how u know who 1st, 2nd?
and 3th? and 4th?
and 9th?

if u never played the matches?


sorry guys im still inexperianced and i fucked up