BCC Victoria Weekend Tournament 05/17/2003 (CvS2 & 3S)

GG’s to everyone. It was lots of fun:

Capcom vs SNK 2

1st - Prez
2nd - JS Master
3rd - Mr. Kam
4th - Ratio1Beatdown
5th - Arcade Legend
5th - Ken
7th - The (1)ne
7th - Ultimate Rugal
9th - Gerjay 2001
9th - Oxygen
9th - Angel Of Rage
9th - Shumayel
13th - Dr. Elephan
13th - Ex_Matt
13th - DaflipmastaXV
13th - Super Alex
17th - Gatsby
17th - Dogberry
17th - Jiggabry
17th - Nagata Lock II
17th - Chris
17th - L.S.D.
17th - Crazy Penguin
17th - Pain

3rd Strike:

1st - JS Master
2nd - Ken
3rd - Jiggabry
4th - Arcade Legend
5th - Gerjay 2001
5th - Dogberry
7th - Dr. Elephan
7th - Gatsby
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - ChaChaMan
9th - L.S.D.
9th - Shumayel
13th - Angel Of Rage
13th - Crazy Penguin
13th - DaflipmastaXV
13th - Prez

Nagata: Roger beat me … I’m actually 4 and he’s 3rd. Don’t worry, my Dan will beat his Sagat next time. Almost never counts :smiley:

im so dissapointed in my placing. sheesh roger owned me pretty badly

So when will the next BBC tourney be held?

chachaman who r u?


Are you insulting me and everyone else who got 9th or worse ??
honestly you did good but you also had an easy match, then 2nd round bye(what the fuck??)
you only won one match so dont get cocky

wtf are you saying matt matt even if he only won 1 match he may have been expecting to place higher he’s not insulting anyone

matt hes better than you
so is jiggabry

EX matt calm down man. god i didnt say i was better than u guys i said i COULD of placed better so i was dissapointed.

and who r u?

Matt: He didn’t get a 2nd round bye. Originally it was suppose to be Mr. No Show from Sauga but Nagata got his Brampton guy Chris (who was on break) to join so Oxygen played him for his 2nd round match.

Oxygen: Don’t worry, Roger’s like one of TO’s top 3. Even my Dan lost to him :mad:

ALso i forgot to ask… whens like the next tournament anywhere in toronto??

sure I could of placed higher too, but I los to the people I should of and thats the way it is. I never said you were a bad player, im saying u should be happy with a top ten spot. BTW i was the guy who filmed your first round match and told u to switch sides cause tony sucks on 1p side.

Gordon shut the fuck up cause you werent even there you stupid cracker.

seee the porblem is matt that i am NOT happy with 9th place thats what i was stating. GOT IT. u were the guy with the glasses right?

Yeah Gordon, you shoulda seen this Prez wannabe :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ya i guess i should stop playing good A-groove characters that I use all the time and used before at VF tourneys
Or stop wearing a hood while i play like I always do when i goto out of town tournaments. Wouldn’t wanna copy anybody now :rolleyes:

LOL prez wannabe:lol:

back to my main question i need to know… where when what is the next tourney in t.o. or sauga or bremale etc.?

You should just keep an eye out in the Toronto, Sauga, and Brampton threads. Usually the rumblings of new tournaments start in those threads. As far as I know, the next “big” tournament won’t be until Eric and Ian get their act together and organize the first Metro tournament sometime in June. After that it’s T4 (the biggest tourney in the GTA each year), which is July 12 - 13.

On a side note, it’s good to see you weren’t content with your placing. A lot of folks go into tournaments thinking they’ll never win and that’s the wrong mentality to have. Keep practicing and incorporate some stuff you saw on Saturday (hopefully you learned from the matches you watched) and you’ll do as well or better next time around.

thank you nagata for the stuff:)

How DARE you think I’m matt…