BD avatar size notice

along with many other continuing changes to the site, the avatars for all BD members can now be 164x60 and 50k. :smiley:

you left no place to upload an avatar…

People can go into their profile and upload an avatar from their harddrive or link to it from another site. Perhaps I’m reading this wrong or you are having trouble getting it to upload?

Ok so I just created a regular BD account and was able to load an avatar and have it show up. The forums were able to load as well (someone was saying when they loaded the avatar the forum stopped working). Could someone try to create an account and load an avatar through their profile page and tell me how it went here?

I finally found it. You should really add a navagation button for that alone. There was no way i found to reach that unless you were within the forum itself.

what is that sig limit? i know that you can do 5 lines of typed, but for images, i did not see a size limitation.

That’s a very good question about the sig images. What do you suggest for the dimensions and size limitations?

I’ll see what I can do about the avatar setting link. Perhaps I can use an anchored link to drop to the bottom of the page.

personally… for sigs… 400x100 at 50k or so is good…