Be very afraid

i need to ask all phoenix players about this cause im sure at some point theyve all dealtwith this at some point. I get it, the whole run for your life strategy game when we have 5 bars and theres 30 seconds left and our phoenix has no energy left so they will run and win by time. odds are if they make dark phoenix come out most likely they will lose. they fly or super jump around so u just CANT catch them no matter what, and NEVER throw a punch. i literally find myself sitting there saying what do i really do here?i no obviously try to get 5 bars and bring her in when i still have my other guys left so theyll have to fight and kill her, but usually against good players, it takes me most of the whole match to even get five bars, sometimes even completing that prosess with regulat phoenix even. most times im just desperately trying for an air grab and if its late in the game, x factor and try to keep the combo going and get the kill. but when there super jumping or flying back and forth, its to hard. what do u guys do when u see someone start to do this? how do u handle that situation

This is something I hate to deal with all the time. What I do:
-Do what ever I can to get her to transform before she’s last.
-If she is last and they start running around, I burn a meter to make them feel a false sense of comfort. Phoenix is dangerous especially with XF to help back her up. ( gamble since if you mess up, game over)
-Use traps to corner and use TK shot H to chip
-do grab set ups if they use advance guard using teleport (not easy)

Simulate a scenario in the training and see if you can catch them. Mix ups, grabs, and chipping are what your going for if they are going to run. Chipping won’t get the work done though so you’ll need the other two.

I’m not an expert in anyway. So look for what is easy and effective for you.


I haven’t had this problem since Vanilla. Phoenix has the best movement in the game, so if you can’t land a hit with her, then you probably can’t land a hit with any other character.

All the things DeadPhoenix said are legit. If you still have XF, make sure you convert off of any air throw (air throw, teleport, XF, tiger knee tk shot) and any super jump H should either convert into some kind of divekick or into super then XF and kill them.
If time is running out, just activate XF. Maybe even burn a super to lock them down while you XF or put on healing field and XF (makes them more likely to want to hit you, plus it makes it harder to see which side you’re on when teleporting and similar gimmicks)