Be careful when buying MvC2 off PSN


So yea, I bought MvC2 when first released, of course the bugs were ridiculous. But I never thought, ever that a downloaded game could mess up your ps3. Of course I put up with all the freezing, disconnections, having to restart system. But this time it was too much, I always find it funny when these bugs/glitches happen. So I’m with my friends playing the game, I noticed something wrong and decided to record it with my Iphone. Don’t mind the crappy video quality or the people in the background, we are retarded gamers lol. Anyways here is the video. This was the last and final match of MvC2 played and also the death of my ps3


a warning to everyone, this happened a week ago or so, ps3 is still dead.


PS3s are starting to burn out MvC2 has nothing to do with it


Actually it has everything to do with MvC2. Same situation happened to me. AFAIK it occurs from updating the game, when you download it, if you update it, your PS3 will get seriously fucked up. I actually isolated it to specifically MvC2, as the PS3 runs flawlessly without it installed. Uninstall MvC2, delete all of the corrupted files that game causes, then reinstall it and do not update it.

Something about the update screws with the hard drive. Mine didn’t blow up, but it got to the point that the hard drive basically forgot that I had set it up, so after I re-set it up I deleted it, deleted the corrupted data, restarted my PS3, installed it, didn’t update it, and it’s worked fine since. The only variable was whether or not MvC2 was installed and updated.


I imagine you’ll find far more people with updated versions of MvC2 installed having no problems than the opposite. I’m one of them. By your logic, that’s solid proof that MvC2 has nothing to do with your problems.

EDIT: Just watched the video. That’s happened to my PS3 a handful of times, both before and after Marvel was installed. I shut it off, started it up, and proceeded to play for another eight solid hours. Once again, that had happened to me LONG before I put Marvel on.


lol. was the music necessary?


Wicked soundtrack dude.


My brother has a PS 3. He also downloaded MvC 2 (and the big patch that came afterwards that fixed some of the bugs/glitches). His PS 3 also died down.

…But that was LONG AFTER he downloaded MvC 2 (and the patch) and, in fact, he was playing another completely different game at the time of his PS 3’s death (I think it was one of the COD games). I would be more pissed at the fact that the patch deleted our W/L record in the game. :annoy:

So I’ll just chalk up this one to bullshit.


I’ve had this happen a handful of times with HD Remix as well. Sometimes the game just freezes in the middle of a match, or when I am attempting to access the ps menu to check messages during the beginning or end of a match. The game stops responding and even pressing the home button does nothing.

I have never had to use the power switch on the back of the PS3 though. I always used the power button on the front and had the ps3 perform a proper power down.

Turning off the power switch on the back of the ps3 while it is running is the same as just unplugging a pc while it is running. If their is any data on the hard drive being accessed at that time you run a high risk of corrupting it.

If at all possible always use the power button on the front of the ps3 to do a shut down.


I had the freeze problem with XBL HDR< but not PS3 so far.

Backbone is shitty, that’s the lesson that needs to be learned from this.