Be honest u dodge/DC?..and why?


sometimes i cant join games,even if i joined them before and beat the host 2-3 times.
i think i am on the "avoid list"
and sometime i get kicked out from games with 4 bars connection…i think they just dodge me.

i face nearly every enemy,even if i know,he will beat me…i think u only can get better,if u fight better ones more,than scrubs.
rly,there are 2-3 ppl out there,who are able to just rape me…but i fight them (its hard enough to find games in pc-g1ranking)

i just dodge ppl with good reason,like bad connection or some bad behavior.

disconnecting is the poorest sh*t out there imo…i mean: in championship u dont have a real reson to DC…cause UR championship is resettet (same happens,when u loose) and the other guy has to do the fight again.

but tbh:
i DCed a few times,but ONLY,when i recognize in the FIRST round:“my opponent can handle this f*ckin lag better than me…cause he dont need combos”

some ppl DC in the end of the fight…nearly to death and have nerve,to send msgs like "nn laggy game…"
i mean,IF u try the game…and u fight the whole battle,then u have accepted the fair,stay in!

some ppl just cant loose,wich is very poor imo.accepting a loss should be skilled at age 5-6 xD

whats ur opinion?


i used to really try i mean really , you know getting my footsies on the go linkin my moves ,trying mind games and the like [akuma user] and what do i get for trying this some moron with ken fp shoryuin me to death in 4 hits [3 if he uses hp first]

so what i do with my akuma for a while is nothing but air hados, red fireballs , and teleport i wont even attempt a combo anymore ill just teleport away if i get a opening… and you should see the hatemail ive been getting really makes me feel better to get hatemail off some fuckin scrub ken who spends the match chasin me[ and i make him lose to time if he comes back]

Granted its my own fault for losing in the first place but rather than be a rage quitter i vent my anger this way…i just realised ive been playing so many scrubs im slowly turning into one that means im actually getting worse the more i play lol but is this really a bad thing?

I mean im never going to be at the top lvl of this game at least as a scrub i can be king of all of the other scrubs , im at the top lvl of scrubiness ,king scrub, no super scrub maybe ill learn ken


^^Though any style of play is legitimate, that kind of strategy really only works against people who chase poorly & people who you could probably beat by just knocking them down, blocking then sweeping. Using Akumas stamina as an excuse is a bit lame, if that was the case youcould just convert to Ryu, someone who’d a bit easier to learn. (Blanka, Zangief) & Turtle& run away styles often get hatemail, it’s just adisliked strategy.^^

As for the TC, i’ve also had times when people i’ve played with fine i’ve been unable to connect to, i don’t think it’s a blockage thing, something to do with the network, often times you’ll connect on a later date & you’llplay them as if it’s all peaches.

This is more opinion really, if you DC, like at the beginning of a laggy game, i could probably tolerate it. At the end of a game i’d still say it’s not the worst thing in the world. & tbh bitching about DC’s during laggy games is silly, it’s laggy, that is a clue alone that the connection is bad. Sometimes you get like selective lag, i played a game not long ago against a Balrog & on the final round i had him dizzied in the corner & was going to go for a jump in to EX Tatsu -> SRK (Akuma) But suddenly lag went rediculously bad, originally the game was fine. To me that seems very peculiar.

IMO, even if a end up in a game where it’s completely screwed with lag & i’m against blanka, i still play it through. I mean more often than not it’s in low connection games anyway, & i chose to go in & play.

& if the game happens to DC during a round change, it is really REALLY unlikely that it is a ragequit.


I started playing SF4 online a bit more, I only play on PC player matches and I only play against 5 bar opponents. When I kick people with 3-4 bars they always have to complain. It doesn’t bother me to be honest, the only time I d/c is when I play annoying people. People who scream in their mics while not playing to win but playing to “make sure I don’t perfect them”. In the end I play for my enjoyment, its my room and my time if you don’t like it…you’ll probably send me some whiny hatemail after I kick your 3 bar connection out.


Not many of those online, at least not on LIVE or PSN.


If DC during a game. I will try to message you what happened and probably ask for a rematch. Though if I am winning and you DC, that will be it. I hate DCing on people though. Though how many bars it is, I always get lag. So I always prefer offline matches which is hard to find.


I almost never create a lobby, so I don’t kick people out, but I do try to avoid one bar matches as much as I can unless I’m just really desperate for a match.
Never disconnected though. Probably just quicker to finish the match, besides, there is always the chance you could turn around a match instead of just giving up.


I tend to kick out Dhalsim and Seth players who only press heavy punch button only. They have small dicks. What kind of person plays a game and only pushes one of six buttons?


Until they find the fierce dick button, then they can cock slap you from a half screen away.


using 1 button is not a forbidden technique :looney:
just deal with it or practice some more to counter it!!

it can be annoying, but it is still not forbidden… (however sometimes it should :wgrin:)


Ken’s taking advantage of lag and shoryukens are annoying.
Even so, I still stay along for the ride and leave quickly once it returns to the lobby. :stuck_out_tongue:


When you play against a PC player who can’t get his computer to run sf4 at a decent computer (damn, you can run sf4 60fps on a 6 year old computer, what are these guys doing?!) running at like a third of it’s speed, and you get beat by stupid shit, I am often tempted to pull the plug, but my fear of being labelled as a RQ’er stops me from doing so :stuck_out_tongue:

You get beat by some random slow-motion ken; you pull the plug, and he posts you up going OMGWTFBBQ THIS GUYS TOTALLY RQ’d on me. Nobody is gonna believe me that the match was too horrid to play :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, playing viper, some players have computers that hickup during burning kicks; the effect being to hard to handle for their sad computers. Sadly, this usually means I miss my combos. That can really really get met raged; and I still keep my hands of the plug. I am always impressed by those ragequitters who can do it so quick. Do they have that cable wrapped around their fist while playing or something? Even if I’d try to DC, I’d probably just hurt myself jumping under my desk behind my PC.


I kick out anyone who doesn’t have a 0% disconnect rating %.

I do so because they are either a) a rage quitter or b) a stupid idiot playing on a wireless connection and like to lag the match to the point where they disconnect.

I also kick out Sagat players.


I’ve got 2% rating, it was 5, due to no fault of my own. I played some champ matches, the ended properly without either party quitting in any way. Once I get to the online menu it says that the match ended improperly. I go to play another one and this happens again, it’s fine for another few matches then happens again. Once in a semi final, once in a first round and once in a final. I come out of it sans points that I won and with a boosted DC rate, that I’m still playing off hundreds of matches (It’s only down to 2% weeks after the event, even though I play day in day out). Also I play on a wireless connection and main Viper, who has nothing in lag so it’s not like wireless players choose to do so so they get laggy wins in.

It’s hard to play as Sim, with his lack of wake up options, small damage and cause he takes beatings so bad. So if you’re getting beat by a Sim who’s only pressing HP, I don’t think the Sim player is doing something wrong.

I don’t really agree with Disconnecting, unless the lag is unplayable. Sometimes I wish I could check if my opp picks Ryu and just leave based on that. >_>


i had a Sagat player quit on me after i was about to win; i was in the middle of the game-winning throw when he DC’ed. I was actually quite impressed with how fast he DC’ed. he gets a cookie for reflexes


Haha, I probably played the same guy because the exact same thing happened to me before. I just hit him with a kara-throw and he dced before he hit the ground. I sent him a pm saying “that was actually really impressive”. He said “ty”.


Nah not really. I just avoid matches under 3 bars. If the game starts to get really laggy mid game… I just shrug it off and play it through as I normally would. I used to get super upset over it but it’s part of the game I agreed to play, so I don’t complain about it anymore. It’s not doing me any good and there’ll be better matches in the future. =/

My closer friends and I joke about ragequitting each other when the game occasionally disconnects beyond our control.


If someone joins my player match lobby with a Zangief or Balrog icon I’ll probably close it and start a new room. :lol: So yes I dodge. Only because in my experience matches against those two player’s crouch block A LOT and its boring and not a lot of fun and I don’t go into Player matches for turtle fests, if its championship mode then whatever, fair enough, but I don’t see the point in player matches but I’ve had it happen with those two character inparticular many times.


Never, unless its in the lobby and its a really bad connection


only if the connection is below 3 bars then yeah i avoid them or kick them out of the lobby there’s only one person i play with his 1 bar connection, a dude from japan who plays balrog in CM idk why but his 1 bar connection is much better than most of 3 bars on CM…
and i’m pretty much tempted to kick sagat players too if i know they’re going to spam tiger shots all match but i never actually do it…