Be Sure to Get my Good Side (She-Hulk Video Thread)



Post any videos of Combos, Set-Ups, Gameplay, etc, here. We could use more of the Gamma Goddess…

Jen’s Relaunch BnB: [media=youtube]RM-9hTh27jg&feature=related"[/media]

Jen’s Kara Road Rage (Level 3 Hyper): [media=youtube]ZYCH1yvK1_M"[/media] VERY useful against turtles.

She-Hulk played at a High Level: [media=youtube]nERpFvXbfGg&feature=youtube_gdata_player"[/media]

More to come…


Here’s something I found out in messing around in mission/training mode that isn’t in mission mode.

L = Light
M = Medium
H = Heavy
S = Launcher
X = X Factor
c = crouching

Forgot the name’s of the moves but I’ll put the description so it’s not hard to figure out.

rM = Running stance into close line which is the down down S into forward into medium.

rL = Running stance into sliding punch which is down down S into forward into light.

G = Heavy grab that stuns them.

SDK = Super with the drop kick.

First off, you can start the combo from any of the 3 grabs wither it’s dashing, standing or air.

G / rM / L, M, cH, S

/ Jump /

L, M, M, H, S / rL / X / L, M, cH, S

Jump / L, M, M, H, S

rL / SDK / rL

I’ll put it into words.

Stun grab, running stance haymaker, punch combo into launcher, jump into combo then knock down, running stance into sliding punch then use X factor when it connects, punch combo into launcher, jump into combo then knock down, running stance into sliding punch into super drop kick, after a full super drop kick your able to use running stance into sliding punch again but if you use super drop kick a second time only the first hit would connect.

You can mix it up a bit but it’s a good combo with X factor and one super thrown in. You could skip the X or not even use a super after a sliding punch.

Basically starting from a stun grab, haymaker is just an extra hit into your air to ground combo which is finished with a sliding punch. All I did was mess around and your able to restart the combo if you use X factor after the sliding punch, your also able to use a super drop kick after the sliding punch and your able to use a sliding punch after a super drop kick.


Here’s are Tragic’s She-Hulk combos from his Youtube page

Combo 1: [media=youtube]fJ65uPT4MwE[/media]

Combo 2: [media=youtube]WVmlC7XauWk[/media]

Combo 3: [media=youtube]cBdAjAHpwjU[/media]


Kara into level 3:



Very cute.


Couple more vids.



After those otg running low clotheslines can the opponent air tech or do they always fall straight down?


Combo with mag assist.


anybody know how to do the senton bomb cancel into air tag thing? Marvel vs Capcom 3/She Hulk - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!

It’s in the hyper guide but i can’t figure out if i’m missing an input or if i just haven’t figured out the timing yet

also shouldn’t she hulk have a combo thread?


Royal Flush rockin She Hulk/Viewtiful Joe/Thor… [media=youtube]upPgVAB0RoU[/media]


Looks like more and more pros are flocking to the green bombshell. Could this be a good sign or will this exposure make it easier for people to counter Shulkie.


Some of this is not new to us She hulk lovers but it never hurts to have it posted XD


Yeah, not much going on for viddys lately. I made this one [media=youtube]YgT3LnwIzsw"[/media].

It’s nothing great just a 100% Sentinal combo. I doubt its the most efficient, but it’s what I’ve got. Let the innovation/optimizing begin!

I like this combo because it can be set up in many ways, and it works on every character (ammy, joe, arthur, etc) Though you never have to hyper to kill any of them. This combo is done with level 1 X-Factor and can be hit confirmed off any combo/bread and butter because all you need is to cancel the cr.H with X-factor to pwn face.



Wong tearing it up with she hulk winter brawl.







funny stuff. not sure if serious



^Kara almost EVERYTHING


Not be a dick, but whats up with people making video threads and never updating the first post? Its the same shit in the akuma, dante and ammy forums and Im sure it happening in other forums. If you have no intention of keeping the thread constantly updated don’t make it.


Impressive She Hulk or I just suck … maybe a bit of both.



We need more gameplay vids if you think your good please can you start posting some vids I will start recording however I still feel newbish but I do get 10 to 30 win streaks in ranked online and most likely am top 5 in Chicago right now but that doesn’t mean that much. Unless we start talking matchups watching and learning from each other we are going to stagnate combos are cool but gameplay is more important.

Also we need a new video thread.


What is that female voice going on saying stuff like “That might not be enough to win” and throwing extra commentary into the match? I see it in online videos some times. Is it an option somewhere?


There is an commentary option in the options menu that I’ve never used…