Bead Sprites by LeviAJones
Street Fighter Alpha Balrog

Approx. 5,000 beads. Copy of Street Fighter 4 for Xbox 360 included for size comparison.
Sorry for the low quality. I took the picture with the camera on my phone. I’ll try to get some better pictures soon.

thats pretty sweet man.

Amazing work!

ooooooooo I love it!


That’s pretty awesome :tup:


holy shit, dude. that’s fucking insane

whoa… very nice :slight_smile:

I love these things. I have a small shyguy I made and a friend of mine made me one of Engarde the swordfish from Donkey Kong Country.

Sweet lookin’ Rog though.

That’s godlike. Nice hobby you have

Quite impressive!

Thanks for all the positive responses! I’m going to begin work on a similar sized Dudley this weekend so I can put them up on the wall for a boxing poster-style stare down.

EDIT: Scratch that. The 3s sprites have far more colors than I have available. I may come back to Dudley if I can acquire more shades of the various colors, but I don’t want to do a subpar version. Maybe I’ll do another Alpha character.
Darkstalkers Donovan

Approx. 4,300 beads. PSP included for size comparison.

that shit is friken crazy

Man. Do Sasquatch next .

Right now, I’m only working on commissioned pieces (which that Donovan was), so until I finish those or if someone orders one, I won’t be doing Sasquatch (although he is my favorite Darkstalker). Once I get some free time, I am going to do Autograph Dan from MvC2 and then maybe Sas.

How much would a balrog one cost like you have there?

I’m still trying to find a good pricing policy. Right now I’m leaning toward 1.5 cents per bead. So, that Balrog would be $75.

My most recent piece: Jedah from Darkstalkers.