Bear R. Deeds/Request Thread ver. I

Bear R. Requests Thread ver. I


Thought about this. I am pretty inspired. This is my first time doing this, so if I take awhile, “Bear” with me. I will be able to produce your work in about two days. Remind me if I am not able.

I referenced Common on this one. He did a song on his be album. givequicheachance really liked this one in the Avatar Ratings Thread.

Gen and Kung Fu in a classic setting. I was influenced by the Shaw Bros. here.

Duck King vs. Bob Wilson in an iPod Ad.

Animation only. Works well with pre_avs. Provide pics you want and I’ll do my thing. If you like, shoot me an idea, also. Being a pornography teacher/cartoon,sit-com and anime watcher/gamer helps me out, but you guys have great ideas also.(i.e. Buster Wolf Codec)


** UPDATED: 30.12.05**


This is yours

** UPDATED 01.01.06**

  • Turbovac, Boleslaw are on my production list. Boleslaw, this tihs is gonna be awesome.
  • The same rules/courtesy set by SRK apply for my avs, also. Just a note from observations I have made.

** UPDATED 03.01.06**

  • Bug in my FW. I’ll have to halt for a while. Next week or so, everyone will get theirs.

** UPDATED 04.01.06**

  • Stuff is golden. Back to production!
  • Boleslaw and LongSh0t are on my list. I’m putting high gear game into Boleslaw’s. Gotta remember how the video goes. hahaha
  • NOTE: if you have a request, bring it here. I don’t do private message stuff, unless you would like to rep me for it :smiley:

** UPDATED 05.01.06**

Longshot, this is for you.

** UPDATED 07.01.06**

Got Boleslaw’s, but I’ll do a premium. Don’t kill me quiche!

** UPDATED 08.01.06**

It’s getting quiet. Too quiet.

** UPDATED 10.01.06**

Tightest thing I did…Quiche, don’t kill me.

Nobita Kun and koopatroopa are on my production list this week.
Koops, maybe I should do a Metal Slug run with Marco and Super Mario Bros for NES. hahaha

** UPDATED: 11.01.06**

Nobita is off the list?..
koopatroopa is still there. Don’t worry. I’ll be back. Last time before I call in ver I. Mr. Wizard or Quiche, please close this two weeks from this date.

ver. II will come out in Febuary.

Can you make my avatar like shake around a bit, so it seems like she’s screaming and RUINIG YOUR EARS AT THE SAME TIME?


haha, these avatars are hella awesome.

Nice work Bear, inventive stuff with the animation. BTW where abouts are you from? “Whattagwan” reminds of my friends, it’s like a instant giveaway that you spent time in London.

hey, and nah, but my gran gran lives there. That term is used in reggae and patoua. If y’all didn’t know, I’m 100% canadiana niggarific.

What say you, Master Chibi?

Can I possibly get one without a border?

Otherwise it looks great.


Sure :D.
Here we are.

awesome :smiley:

Yo Bear, just wanted to know if you could make me an av with this graphic. I’d like kind of a glow on my name(where you can put anywhere). Other than, rip away my friend.

EDIT - Just a reminder to make it premium, onegaishimasu…:sweat:

Where’s that guy who wanted the MJ av? oh well. Anyhoo, I’ll be getting this one here. :smiley:

Was it this graphic or another?

heh i made that MJ post, then i thought it looked stupid so i deleted it , sounded kinda rediculous but cool

It was that one, yeah. The Ichigo pic with “Bleach” on his face. Thanks a lot.

Nah, man. I was revved up to making it for real.

Pick her up Kuro :wink:

well, the world should see terry buster wolf michael jackson, and since smooth criminal does have “are you ok” in the lyrics so it seems a match made in heaven, so im not gonna stop you since it would look sweet as hell

Cool, give me a week on this.

Holy shit, Bear you are the man! Thank you so much!:clap: :tup: :clap:

Since Tetsu is prolly never gonna make my AV, maybe I can ask you to make it for me. If it is at all possible, can I get an avatar of Orochi using the pictures provided at the bottom? I’d really appreciate it, but if you could possibly add some sort of neon-blue glowing/energy effect around the sprite, that would kick so much ass. I hope this isn’t too much hastle, and if it is, just forget the 3D effects then. Thanks in advance, and thank you for your time.

Broken links.

Thw first one just needs to be copied into the address bar, the second one is actually the sprite in the top row, all the way to the left on this page: