Bear R. Deeds/Request Thread ver II: Second Impact


Rolling out the request vol. II


1/. Two at a time.
2/. Takes two or three days or whenever I could
3/. Provide ALL sprites!
4/. Let’s try to have a good time.
5/. Comment or rate the work if you like.
6/. Check out the site for some of my work
coming soon.

Might do some Dr. Tran avs. for kicks…

…that went well.

hey bear im just comin in to thank you for making me that av last time man
it was sick
now i needa just get my premium so i can wear it

No probs, man.

I suggest you get a free photobucket account. That way you can showcase your old work much easier, as well as link to new avs… Geoshitties sucks.

…good idea. I’d do this on my own hosting, but she’s getting revamped and it’d probably reveal my true ID…as Glenn Butt!