Bear Vs. Bad guy


…And bear wins.

Now hold the hell up. This bear does everyone a big solid by eating this bastard, saving Canada countless dollars, time, possibly more pain and suffering from victims that he may have gone after had the bear not gotten him first, and what do they give the bear? They kill it. :wtf: I would’ve hooked that bear up. FFS, it even BURRIED the bum when it was done eating. There’s thousands of us “Law-abiding citizens” who ain’t even THAT clean and classy in our own homes, much less taking care of garbage like this. That bear deserves a cave in a place where he gets all the food he wants and a plaque stating his deeds. No way to treat a true bro of forrest. :tdown:



(It would figure that we can’t ever have a universally good news article on SRK.)

Uh, Starhammer. You realize that this guy was probably already dead before the bear ate him, right? All the bear saved anyone was funeral costs.

Well, half of a funeral anyway.

Okay, now this is bullshit. You know they wouldn’t have euthanized it if were a white bear.



Only liking for that quote.


The convict probably would have went into that matchup unprepared anyway.


Bear was broken so they banned him from play.


Canada’s secret is out. Our secret to low low crime rates, is ninja bears. Commit a crime, and they pounce out the bushes and lunch you


that’s no fair that bear was trained by heihachi


Inb4 the puns. Why are puns the highest form of comedy on the internet lately? They used to be a TINY bit clever, but now they’re so over-done and on-the-nose I can’t bear them.



Kuma ya my lord, Kuma yaaa

pours of bottle of honey


I guess the convict couldn’t bear the thought of living anymore.


possibly. Not certianly. I’m betting that bear would’ve seen the creep, looked at the face in the news paper, put the paper down and said,“as a true son of Canada, I cannot forgive what you have done. Make yourself ready to meet your God!” and laid the beat down on him, striking a blow for everyone he ever hurt. I would salute that bear if I saw him.

This was worse than banned. They were all salty because the bear made a better crime fighter than them. Don’t bother raising up to the bear’s level, just bring him down so that nobody knows how high the high-level players can get. Shame.



it’s kinda funny that this guy went to jail for something that most SRKers always claim they’d do themselves.


I wonder who it was that was supposedly sexually assaulted? His sister or his kids?


I guess the bear can’t be BOTHERed with criminal scum.

Think about that one.


Epidemic is that you?


WTF…why was it necessary to kill the bear?


bear has already tasted human flesh, it will never want to go back to hunting salmon.

also, guy wasn’t a criminal, he killed a dude who had sexually assaulted a relative, which as thurstotherapy pointed out, pretty much everyone SRK would do in a heartbeat.


Morality is for humans. Bear justice has no shades of gray. If you commit a crime, you’re gonna get eaten. Period.


I hear ya. Still, they only suspected this person and the person was later found innocent. Maybe they (the family) Knew something that the courts didn’t, maybe they just turned it into a witch hunt. Maybe the first victim was lying. All I know is, the bear got done dirty. Again, no way to treat a true bro of the forrest. :tdown:

If I ate some nasty ass human, I’d be licking my own asshole to clean my tounge. As for the guy, I stated my part above. Still, hunting someone down and killing them is a crime, no matter what the reason. The only difference between him and SRK members is that here, there would be a thread and a requests for pics of the member’s sister. Puns, memes, trolls, and maybe a mod or two would make the rounds and various brofists would’ve been passed around for several pages. Since the bear is dead, I do this in his honor.



Because all animals are killed if they pose a threat to humans by actually killing one.
This isn’t a new thing.