Beast Coast [Crew Thread]

Got the site up. New layout…hope the crew is feeling it. If not…well…pretend like you are, lol. Vids coming by next friday at the latest. New thread cuz the old one is real big.

Current Roster:

Mark Beast(aka Motoki Imawano), Bloody Yukata, KunoShinobi, RoTeNdO, Shenakuma, the PASSION(aka D.Hyo), Caveman, RoboCurse, monkeyspank, Graywer RELOAD#, Mad Tea Party, Shinji, Shotokan, 50, Beast of Fire, Young Ic3, Nick T., Juliahoe, WayGamble, saberwolf, Tekuma aka 2DN, TNPR and raekw0n187 aka Wody.



Ray, i’m going to charlotte this weekend, so i won’t be able to chill. but i will be able to next weekend, if thats cool.


Look for good things to be coming out soon. Lots of stuff on the way like the Naruto 2 combo video as well as the Caveman GGXX Ino video. As well as many more.

Should be a good 3rd quarter here for us.

sup fellas, beast coast got it on lockdown

shit is hot!

Good shit, I’m feelin it.


MB ReACT too good. Fear Arcueid. :smiley:

Sup, site looks nice. Will I ever get a new av… within the next few months? No hurry I guess.

Sup crew motoki the site looks hot. I’ll be back in here sunday i need to go take some asprin i’ve been up to the mall for about 5 hours fighting mixup and his crazy ass sent.:eek:

Motoki, Thanks for the hot AV. You are definately the man. I have the transcript of my vid ready, but i need to head over to BloodyYukata’s to cap it.

so…shirts…i was thinking about doing something like this(see attachment). its cheaper than printing stuff on a shirt. the dude here is talking about 40 a t shirt. =/

i will go out to footlocker and buy some white tees and experiment first before anything is set in stone. but here’s the idea:

pic 3. this is a different type of shirt.

input anyone?

Thats some good shyt!.

Hap, Hap, happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ryu!!!

Happy birthday! :smiley:

Mark: Hey, long time no talk:)

I’m not trying to be mean, but could you lighten up on my pic, if you want:sweat: I don’t want any fanboys viewing my pic and i’m ugly anyway:) I only posted pics because people always begged me. You know how i hate to say “no” to people:( I just hate taking pics.

I wish love & peace to all members of the crew… Peace!

well…if you want i could lighten it. request an av. :slight_smile: also i didn’t forget about your video.

everyone else: the profile site still isn’t done but i’m going to postpone finishing it and get some more avatars out of the way, then videos.

ok then, carry on.