So i was wondering about the whole beast fury game and where the dev have gotten far into since the demo release and reading into it the game had been cancelled]

also noted they made around 20k and also 3 separate indiegogo funding

Like one of many ambitious, bright eyed and bushy tailed endeavors that had no angle. DEAD.

So I’m reading this and apparently they wanted Maxmillian to do voice work and include his dog as a character. It really is no mystery now as to why this completely fell the fuck apart.

One of the former dev kinda explains dude went full konami on them demanding that the artwork and animation be done as quick as possible

Good. Ryhan was fucking incompetent. I had the misfortune of speaking to the guy over FB, and both he and his team were entering this project with literally zero experience playing or developing fighters.

From OzHadou (thread since deleted):

“Not to sound like a noob but how do you read frame data and put it into use ?. it just confuses me and i been playing on and off and i cant even do a fadc into ultra i use a hori vx fighting stick and i just bought super street fighter 4 ae and play 11 match’s and lost 10 and won 1 also ill say this how do you deal with saltyness rage me mines very high and i almost broke my arcade stick today i am generally not a anger person this is the only game that makes me rage i guess people find this funny laugh if u want i look back at it and laughed now i dont want to give up on this game i am a big fan of sf games and its universe.”

Yeah, I used to support this game but I backed out of it once I realized I didn’t like the direction it was taking.

Apparently they had five successful crowdfunding campaigns and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and still only managed to eke out a buggy two-character demo. This was straight up poorly managed, and I feel sorry for everyone involved.

And that is the first clue that this is someone who was raised as a special snowflake and could do whatever they wanted as long as they believed in themselves.

Lol you need some trash tastes to donate $$$ to dat shit anyway

Yeah, every campaign they held, they failed to deliver on their goals. ITS amazing to me that people only stoppen giving money by the 3rd campaign.

The moment they released the hot mess of a demo it was pretty clear that most of the team had never played a fighting game in their life…

Man i wish they had given our game that kind of money. But i guess if it Is not a furry game, people wont blindly throw hundreds of dollars at you… The money they asked was obviously never gonna be enough for the Graphical fidelity they were aiming for though.

A fighting game made by furries who don’t play fighting games. Who would have guessed it was going to be a complete failure?

They claimed they played fighting games.

This is what you get when you try to crowdfund a game with unrealistic, lowball budget expectations.

It was kind of a shitty concept to begin with.

As a fighter it had no new mechanics.

As art it was really just furry shit, I did like the gangster shark but that’s it.

Lowball? They got hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This happened as a result of poor management and terrible planning.

well its hard to explain. street fighter v and MKX had budgets in millions, but i think 50k to 100k should be a good budget for an indie title.

Skullgirls had a budget of over 1 million.

The fact that the staff were being rushed just tells me the guys on top didn’t do the math and wanted the stuff done before the money to pay their salaries ran out.

EDIT: Searched around it it seems even worse. Instead of just being upfront with the costs, they kept doing multiple crowdfunding campaigns. Really makes you feel like they didn’t know exactly how much they were going to have to spend on this.

I’m surprised i thought original skullgirls took less to release. I’ve actually talked to Ryan Stevens quite a bit about this. the cost for the development was far more then he expected. So i kind of felt bad being forced to quite a project.

Yeah, as I said, they planned poorly and didn’t know what they were doing.

Just looked it up, and this game was shit. Kudos to whoever killed it.

With that said, couldn’t they have cut costs by going 3d like KOF?

Wow…fucking scumbags.