Beast Wars and beyond For Sale

For sale is my entire collection. Prices include shipping in the US. Everything is MISB/MOSC. PM me offers and pic requests.

Beast Wars Transmetal Cheetor- $40
(Card is damaged at the top)

Transmetal 2 Megatron-$50 (crack in window fold at top)

Transmetal Depth Charge- $70

Optimal Optimus-$80 (tape adhesive on top is shot

Transmetal Rampage- $60

Quickstrike- $25

Silverbolt- $25

Transmetal 2 Tigerhawk-$50

Japanese (green eyes Cheetor)-$18

Robots In Disguise Megatron- $40 tear in cardboard

Robots in Disguise Galvatron- $50

Energon Shockblast- $70

Energon Optimus Prime/Megatron TRU 2 pack (The back to back bombers, not the side-by-side deluxe) $110

Cybertron Hot Shot- $30

Cybertron Supreme Starscream- $90

Alternators Smokescreen-$30

Masterpiece MP-2 Ultra Magnus-Sold

I have Paypal. Again, prices include shipping within the US. I’m selling to pay for my wedding. Items shipped the day after receiving payment if payments received Sunday-Thursday. Monday, if thereafter.

Pictures will be uploaded to this thread as offers are made.

I’ll sell everything and include a first-run 20th Anniversary Prime (misb) for the right offer.



More later/upon request.

no rattrap?

Nope. I made it a point to only buy my favorite characters. Except I never scored a Dinobot.

…For great justice.

Wow this takes me back.

Ultra Magnus sold. Items will be moved to eBay soon

I used to have the green cheetor, and the optimus prime. Dam I used to have all these cool toys, but I sold them when I thought I out grew them :frowning:

How, do you not open them? Collectors have always confused me. Wish I my mom hadn’t thrown away my complete set of Exo Squad toys.