Beast123 has been owned, toyed and taunted by Cruise on GGPO


Best Urien on GGPO has given beast123 a taste of his own medicine.

beast123 did the usual things he does. Then I saw him playing Cruise, probably didn’t know what he was up against. At first his spam hurrican tactics against Cruise’s Urien worked, but after 1 or 2 games, all beast123 got was being toyed with and taunted back.
I think usually beast123 tries to make the other guy quit, but this time I think beast123 rage quitted.

Here’s the record input from fba:

beast123 vs Cruise

Can someone convert it and upload to youtube?


2DF: serious business.


cant see the vid but, i dont like people like beast123.

I hope this will humble him down.

Cruise is just on an other level.


You have GGPO right, bodler? If you download the file, open it with the program “ggpofba” located in your GGPO folder in Program Files. This should work.


That’s right. You go to GGPO foler, open ggpofba.exe and go to Game->Replay input, and find the file.
Btw bodler, I see you have some of your vids on youtube, you mind putting this replay up on youtube as well?


this shit is dumb take that to online forums