Beasts Fury 2D Fighting Game Updates

Beast’s Fury will be a 2D, arcade-style fighting game featuring anthropomorphic characters. It is currently being developed by a small, passionate team of individuals who are both gaming enthusiasts and professional programmers. The game will not only involve action, but also features engaging story lines, intriguing characters, exotic arenas, and a killer soundtrack! This is one game you won’t want to miss!


If you have any burning questions about the project, contact me anytime at beasts_fury[at]!

Start with 8 playable characters.
Unlock 7 playable characters through story mode completion.
Unique fighting styles for each character.
8 story-related battle stages.
15 character-themed battle stages.
3 epic boss battles during which each boss undergoes 3 progressively harder transformations.
Individual character theme songs.
Captivating boss battle music.
Beta release will include 2 stages and 3 characters: Vincent, Matilda, and Don.

Story Mode: Play a single character through regular matches, additional cut scenes, boss fights, and an ending sequence.

Arcade Mode: Play a team of characters through regular matches, boss fights, and an ending sequence.

Versus Mode: Test your skills in one-on-one combat mode against computer AI.

Local Mode: Challenge a friend to versus mode on one console.

Online Mode: Versus mode using

Training Mode: Practice combos and set ups.

Replay Feature: Watch your online matches.

Our core engine is sourced from


Project Lead / Owner: Ryhan is an avid gamer, and trained martial artist. He is the creator of Beast’s Fury, and is fully dedicated to making his dream game a reality. He has been investing his life and finances into this project for over a year, and has been studying all the details related to the intricate programming, design, and skill that it takes to make a video game.

2D Artist: Carlos Enrique is a professional illustrator with a vast portfolio of work and numerous clients worldwide. He specializes in heroic fantasy illustrations, comics and educational illustration for school textbooks. He was a long-standing active member of the staff of Illustrators for the trading card game “Myths and Legends”, Salo S.A. company.

2D Animator: Ben Halstead is the Lead Animator for Beast’s Fury. He is a traditionally-trained animator with 4 years of experience working both as a freelancer and in various studios. His projects range from online 3D game environments to hand-drawn feature films. He is currently based in the greater LA area.

Programming: Marco Arsenault aka Evil-Dog is the programmer. He has worked at Ubisoft Montreal for 5 years as a gameplay/AI programmer on Rainbow Six Vegas, Farcry 2 and Avatar: The Game. Since 2004, he has been making indie games such as the award winning “Road of the Dead” as well as the somewhat popular music game series, “Punk-o-matic”. He has been running his own company, Evil-Dog Productions, for over 2 years.

Music / SFX: Zach Striefel is the Lead Sound Designer at Symphony of Specters. He has worked on projects with many notable companies such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Adult Swim, GSN, WB, NBC Global, as well as many Indie studios

Voice Actor / Writer / Editor: Poesy Rosewood is the writer for Beasts fury. She has done work as a ghost writer while working on several independent stories. Poesy has been an active member in developing the story, character designs, and concepts; including providing the voice for Odette.


The combo system will have a series of linked normal attacks that can end with a special move, sweeping attack, super move, launcher move or ultimate finish (Beast’s Fury’s version of Ultra Combos). Players can also perform air-attack / juggle combos that can end with a special move/ultimate finish. Juggling limits are also set individually for each character to keep them balanced and avoid over-powering.

Players will have a series of attacks to choose from to make their combos. Everything from Crumples (moves that force opponents to stagger to their knees), to Wall and Ground bounces. Using a mixture of the Linked Combos (Normal moves that are strung together with the right timing) The special moves (Unique to the character) and the Juggle Combos (Moves that are strung together in the air), the player will try to lower the opponent’s life bar to zero the fastest. Or, in some cases, lower it enough that they can sit easy on a life lead.


You might want to go more into detail on game features, gameplay systems, netplay, etc. Right now most of the stuff you’ve shown is mostly aesthetics, so it doesn’t really give a good idea of what the game is actually like.

And, not to rain on your parade or something, but I think the art style might be a turn-off for some. Same problem Dust: An Elysian Tale had. ^^;; I personally think it looks good!

I hope all goes well with this project. It looks good so far. If I may add a suggestion on the idle stance of your character, I think the legs shouldn’t sway with the cloak the concept character has. He should have a natural bounce, but let the cloak have the greater movement

Thanks for your input I been working on improving the project would you be able to spread the word of the project.

Yeah its in the roughs stage improving as we go.

I dated a furry in college. It’s OK, let’s all admit it

Was this ever posted on the frontpage of srk?

I really must insist on this… add a bear to the cast.  Their omission from Bloody Roar was a huge oversight.  Also, try including some overlooked species… I think you could get a lot of mileage out of the honey badger, or possibly a binturong if you wanted to get really obscure.<div><br></div><div>It looks promising so far, though.  It’s too early to say how it will turn out, but I already suspect it will be more entertaining than Brutal: Paws of Fury.  I love the phoenix logo; it’s very professional.</div><div><br></div><div>What plans do you have for the combat system aside from three buttons/three kicks?  Will it be more acrobatic like the early Marvel vs. Capcom and Guilty Gear games, or will the characters be more affected by gravity?  Will there be launchers and wire attacks, a’la Waku Waku 7?  Will there be breakable background objects?  (Please say there will be breakables!) How’s the super meter going to work?</div><div><br></div><div>Definitely get this promoted on Shoryuken.  Joystiq and FurAffinity might be good places to go to drum up support as well.</div><div><br></div><div>ALSO: Final boss, Kesagake.  It used a Japanese village as its own personal bento box and took nearly a week to bring down.  Think about it.</div>

Got a breakdown of how exactly the money will be used? After the whole Skullgirls thing, that amount of money now looks real cheap for a 2D fighting game, too cheap in fact. I’d just like confirmation that this is the exact amount needed to complete the game and not, as some devs have posted in the NeoGAF thread, understated in the hopes that a low enough goal will encourage people to back the project (in the hopes of making more than the stated fund), because a cheap project is a more likely “winner.”

This game needs finishers.<br><br>- Street Fighter got Super & Ultra combos<br>- Mortal Kombat got fatalities<br>- Bloody Roar got beast drives<br>- Soulcalibur got critical finishers/edges<br>- Tekken got unblockable moves<br>- Blazblue got Astral finishes<br><br>What’s next?<br>

Beasts Fury is gonna have to find another way to develop it now.

Yep and we have.

No not to my knowledge.

That’s great. How’d you do it?

I really hope your game beats SG.

I really do hope the game has a budget of more than $5,000. Unless off course, you guys are relying on alot of free/voltunteer work.


It’ll take a long time to complete.

Who knows. It can be the next Bloody Roar. Hope it’ll go 3D someday and throw down the ranks of Tekken & Soulcalibur for once.

You’re porting this game to OUYA? I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

You should watch the OUYA’s sales and see if it’s a viable platform or not before you decide to port it.

Most of us are working for free or very low pay rate to get this project moving along we do know it a small goal because we are still building a fan base and that the amount is to keep the game afloat for now smaller goals throughout the year are more achievable than a larger amount that will never reach its goal at this time

If it gos really well sales we are going to make it 3D some day.