Beast's Fury 2DFG Demo will be released end of March


Beast’s Fury is a six button 2D fighting game the game play and combo system will play a lot like Street Fighter Third Strike and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Latest work in progress build

What needs to be added.

  • update shading on standing idle

  • Attacks after timeout does 0 damage

  • Finisher that connect after timeout will not start the finisher, the opponent fall back down and the charge fizzles out

  • Don’t get down in shame if the second draw leads to a win

  • Implement counter hits

  • Implement crumple hits as standing hit and then air hit when he’s down enough and sweep interruptable

  • Implement sweep hit that allows 1 air hit recovery

  • Fix grab interrupting tiamat knuckle, leaving you stuck in an action zoom.

  • Move effect back when you’re blocked

  • Implement second hit on leviathan kick with fury version doing a ground bounce.

  • Implement leviathan kick’s launch bigger and on both sides for fury version

  • Fury leviathan kick will hit the opponent who is crouching, regardless of their block.

  • Implement tiamat no projectile hits for the heavy version

  • Implement invincible (fury tiamat) vs untouchable (dodging)

  • Implement vincent’s loss of specials when weakened by fury mode

  • Implement vincent’s fury mode where specials can cancel each other

  • Implement invincibility during certain frames

  • Implement different types of push/launch direction types, some move send them where you’re facing, others always away from you (like eexplosion) and some always toward your back

  • Implement animation flagging to say what part of animation is on the ground and in the air, for like getting hit during a tiamat knuckle.

  • Implement effects for fury moves, fury mode and weakened state.

  • Fix jump sticking between round causing a double jump

  • Support half circle shortcuts with only BD D FD F

  • Use boxes for attacks, adjust the impact at the edge of the bounding box

  • Fix dragone that is some how doable in the air

  • Put in the real frame data

  • Finish integrating don

  • missing shading for crouch down

  • missing shading for dashes

  • Missing shading for jumps

  • Highlight and shading are slightly off on the back walk

  • Collar is invisible in back walk

  • Left building windows showing blue sky

  • Cherry tree could use work and layers for animation

  • Background is sunny

  • Change updates to fixed update for deterministic behavior

  • Integrate GGPO

  • Try dynamic shadows with transparent cutout shader


Nice to see work continuing on this :slight_smile:


Damn, This has come a long way. I can’t wait to try this out when it’s all said and done.


Thanks i been working really hard on the game thank you so much for the comment.


Thanks doing the best we can.


really hoping to try this one


The Demo will be for free hopefully end of march.